Dec 12, 2020

McGST Podcast Episode 38 (What is music to different people? With Tom Munch)

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Random thoughts about the world today and discussions with interesting people about the world from yesterday. The archived episodes from my previous host are unavailable, but they can be accessed here -
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What is music to different people? It is a complex mixture of rhythm, progression, tone, harmony, instrumentation, lyrics, syncopation, and tempo that interacts with a listener in a myriad of different ways and for different reasons. Ultimately it is an unknowable mixture of magic and memory and even spirituality that affects us in unmeasurable and unpredictable ways in my opinion. I like music that challenges me a little bit but doesn’t take me too far out of my comfort zone. I tend to listen overall tone and not specific lyrics or instruments although I’m not displeased with hearing a unique or interesting instrument or lyric or melody line – vocal or instrumental. My dad always valued the element of surprise – a song that changed a melody in a third verse or added some new element that was unexpected and usually pleasing.” Tom Munch

Myself and Tom discuss a whole host of music-related topics including the following-

  • What do people seek in new music?

  • What is new music that you instantly liked and why? Was it the situation in which you heard it or the sound or topic of the music or lyrics?

  • What is music?

  • What’s your musical guilty pleasure?

  • and much more

Music by Tom Munch