Mar 29, 2021

McGST Podcast Episode 57 (What is music? Part 3. With Tom Munch)

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Random thoughts about the world today and discussions with interesting people about the world from yesterday. The archived episodes from my previous host are unavailable, but they can be accessed here -
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Over the past year Tom Munch has been entertaining his fans through Facebook and while doing so he has had to learn upwards of 40 new songs a week to fulfil requests. In a troubling time for all of us we start off by answering a few music-related questions, but the discussion goes much deeper into what music means to all of us, and in particular in times of crisis. The result surprised me and it ended up likely being the best McGST episode to date (don’t tell Joanne I said that…).

Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here.

  • What difference does recording or playback quality make? Why is modern music louder?

  • What instantly turns you off of new music?

  • How do you find new music?

  • Do you know people with near identical tastes in music?

  • Why do music and smells bring back such vivid memories?

  • How important is music in times of crisis or illness?


Steve Miller: Jungle Love
Edgar Winters Group: Frankenstein
Ultravox: Vienna

You can find out more about Tom at and also read his blog which offers some insights into his deeper thoughts on music and the world around him.

The music in this episode is of course by Tom.