Sitemap - 2016 - McGST

Russian malware found in Vermont utility

2016 to be even longer

Space Marshals 2

The Dark Net: £1.99

Still is a dream come true!

Mini Metro

1970s Moulinex Electric Carving Knife review

Samsung's fire woes didn't benefit Apple

When stupid people complain too loudly

A fractal analysis of neurological changes in seven artists

You look after it for the next generation...

This Is How I Work

Philips ActionFit SHQ6500 wireless earbuds in an AirPods world (review)

drive space and network speeds have flatlined?

An entire life repairing cameras

Family resists Google

Nixon Unit Boba Fett Watch

Watch nerdery

Once you have a mobile system that works...


The Top Videos of 2016

Anti Stress Cube


Happy Christmas

The world's smallest snowman

Podcasts you should be listening to

Watch Collecting In The Digital Age

Photographing Solar Power Mirrors in a desert

The goal used to be to make the best computers in the world


Consumer gadgetry from the 1990s

Here's to 2016

Mac losing focus of Jony Ive?

How to make a Gingerbread Star Wars AT-AT Walker

Sticking Apple AirPods in your ear

Why Seiko?

What do you want for Christmas?

Smart Watches are worthless

Where is Bana?

MacBook Pro 13? with Touch Bar review

A WhatsApp group?

Apple AirPods Review: "I like them more than I thought I would, but I don't like them that much..."

The dominance of Google and Facebook

The Man Safe

This Machine Will Bag Your Groceries by Itself


Apple, where did the magic go?

Traffic Is Fake, Audience Numbers Are Garbage

HandEnergy: Your Pocket Electricity Generator

Gatebox - Virtual Home Robot


How cars went from boxy to curvy

The best and worst things about working for Apple

Radio Garden: this is amazing!

Try Alexa for 79p

Photographing LED Christmas lights

the book of hygge

Longreads Best of 2016

Apple’s new TV app. Oops.

The Amida Digitrend: super cool!

Jawbone still circling the drain?

Sign me up Nespresso

AirPods alternatives

50 photographic reasons to love 2016

Casio G-Shock Aviator GW-3000M-4AER Review

Casio G-Shock Aviator GW-3000M-4AER Review

AirPods available. £159. You in?

When a 13-year-old takes some photos with her iPhone...

Cyberpunk Wristwatch

The Untold Story of Napoleon Hill

Timex Weekender Watch Review

17 Golden Globe nominations for Amazon and Netflix


Pepsi was once called Brad's Drink

2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year contest winners

The Fabergé Visionnaire DTZ

Bulova 96A143 Automatic Men’s Watch Review

You buy a replacement phone from Apple and this is what happens...

Bad weekend

The horrible iPhone shutdown bug has me writing a link-bait article

Sealed 1st gen iPhone = £19,113

Did the holocaust happen?

Adblock Plus is legal

Trump calls Obama

Best drumline ever?

Citizen AT2100-09E Watch Review

Is the wareable industry in trouble?

They Turn Ice Into Ice Cubes

Going greayscale

Library book returned 120 years late

Seiko SKA369P1 Watch Review

Trump's horns are purely coincidental. Shame.

World’s largest Rube Goldberg machine lights up Christmas tree

So, what do you think?

Pebble says goodbye

The Lighthouse


MakerBot: no one else shared that dream

Authentic, Older Than Me And Technically Brilliant

Swiss Made?

Instagram’s Terms of Use

iPhone 7 + Video vs $50,000 RED Weapon Footage

Galaxy 8 to not have a headphone jack?

Apple Music passes 20 million subscribers

Pebble bounced

Apple Watch sales are great / Apple Watch sales have tanked

Flickr Top 10's For 2016

Watching the Mad Men

Wrap your Christmas presents diagonally

Honda's electric concept car with AI-powered emotions

Citizen Military AT2100-09E Vs Hamilton Khaki H705450 Vs Bulova Accutron II Snorkel

Why all world maps are wrong

How Loud Are Your Headphones?

The most emotional of objects

On a Brighter Note about Apple Customer Service

Defriend everyone on Facebook...

Classic Silver Army Men

Tissot PR50 Le Locle Gent's Watch Review


She quietly admits that she was looking for Supergirl...

The Star Wars Waffle Maker

The Most Popular Toys Through the Decades

As someone who has only used Siri...

The cost of charging an Apple product

Why I’m Leaving Apple for Microsoft: Switching as a Photographer

The Drawing

A fondness for forgotten spaces

Why Do I Like The New Bulova Aerojet So Much?

Android malware scares are rarely scary

A $95,000 Luxury Tiny House

The NOMOS advent calendar

Buy a photo for at least $160,000

Ice Sculptures 2.0

Lincoln's Great Depression

Citizen Chrono-Time At Limited Edition BY0003-07E Watch Review

Watch this video and save $300

Kahuna KUS-0103G Watch Review

We did it again!

It's better to create something...

PATCH: The Smart Strap For Your Analogue Watch

The Toymaker Who (Actually) Saved Christmas

The most coveted cartridge ever

SMARTDUVET: no no no no no no!!!

The Waterfall Desk

Echo/Google Home infinite loop: this could go on for some time


The most impressive quartz watch in the world

Add the Swiss touch to your Apple Watch

Nokia is back

Bre & Co. Origami Watch

How to Hide $400 Million

Watch one blue ball

The earliest known Nikon camera just sold for €384,000

Aqua and Bondi: The Road to OS X & The Computer That Saved Apple

The Micro by M3D: a 3D printer for you

As useful as a chocolate camera

Hands ON: The Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch Classic And Frontier

Color Burst Wallpapers

Download and watch Netflix movies offline


‘App Class’ SD cards

How dare Walmart sell Cartier watches!

Google's Mac Screensaver

The Mazda Vision Granturismo

Could you work in a caravan?

The Shinola Guardian 20029579-SDT-001615092

Electronic Cassette Culture


8 Online Retailers To Avoid

The Internet Dream

Can Technology End Poverty?

Wall-Mounted Desks

What did they think 2050 would be like in 1935?

1983 was exciting!

Mac App Store Scams

What happened to the world for Tony Blair to make sense?

Lenders Are Looking at Your Phone Data

How can one person compete with a device linked to everyone you've ever known?

George Daniels, A Master Watchmaker & His Art

Fruit and vegetables skateboarding

America's quietest town

Any iPhone camera will do

Which phone has the best battery life in 2016?

White Rainbow

Grandma's wrong number

Crippling phones while driving

Fidel Castro is dead!

The Iron Giant LEGO set

A 10.5-inch iPad Pro. Really?

Rayman Classic goes free(ish)

The best $200 in-ear headphones

A wiring bonanza

The Day Kennedy Died

Really Bad Chess

A Commodore 64 has helped run an auto shop for 25 years


Microsoft Surface Studio Review

The UK: one of the world’s foremost surveillance states

Capturing cats by the window when it rains

The Coolest Iconic American Watch - Bulova Accutron Spaceview 214


Happy Thanksgiving

Your smartphone is a civil rights issue

Portable power. When will we have enough?

Desire+ : Quick Charge 3.0

The Trolls Among Us

Improve your photography with a cube

The Ali Dia story, 20 years on

The U1-B

LG Ultrafine 5K Display Unboxing + Setup

Charlie Christian: playing the electric guitar in 1939

Microsoft Solitaire Collection finally comes to mobile

A new Microsoft phone in 2017?

A Man Found An iPhone 4 At The Bottom Of A Lake...

Squarespace vs WordPress

Bragi Headphone Review

Industrial Scars

Globe Making in 1955

Tissot Heritage 1936

?One ?Pokémon card = $54,970

Apple Watch has a special Thanksgiving Activity achievement

The Next Rembrandt

Apple Watch 42mm Milanese Loop Strap review

What are all these Apple people working on?

Harry Potter wizard’s chess

A History of Hard Drives

What's the difference between streets, roads and avenues?

Catching a supermoon

5 hours battery life in 5 minutes

HiRise Duet

The Sunday Times wanted a free meal

Less than 1 in 3 phone sales going to Apple and Samsung

All I want is a digital notepad

The Forger

BLIPS: The Thinnest Macro & Micro Lenses For All Devices

Jer Bulsara

Quit Social Media. Your Career May Depend on It.

Perspective: Jessica Whelan dies

The theater is an addictive vice

How Casinos Enable Gambling Addicts

The Grand Tour thoughts

Android is getting closer

The aPhone

Samsung is selling a 2013 phone on Black Friday: naughty!

A video review of a book with few words in it

The Analog Spaces In Digital Companies

A History Of The Photo Camera

Are all phones the same in 2016?

iPhone 7 Plus VS DSLR Camera

Loser on the Moon

Fences: A Brexit Diary

The Most Influential Images of All Time

Three breached

Dumping on Apple

George Lucas: A Life

Bulbs by Apple

SLR670-S Noir by MiNT

Quick, Draw!

McDonald's Is Changing The Big Mac Recipe

Stunning art from packing tape

The Ochs Und Junior Perpetual Calendar

Xiaomi Mi Mix Review: does it outdate the iPhone?

Jony Ive talks about that book, as only he can

Thomas Edison's To-Do list

The Timex Sprite

Unlock your phone with a hedgehog

Is it just my feeling or has Apple changed?

The Story of Life app available Thursday

MATRIX PowerWatch: powered by you


Historical Overview Of A Diving Legend

Cutting an SLR Camera in half with a 60,000 PSI Waterjet

PhotoScan by Google Photos

“Designed by a bloke from West Sussex”

“Designed by Apple (who have lost the plot) in California”

Is the Kindle Paperwhite perfect?

My son, the green bubble friend

Chris Porsz tracks down people he photographed decades ago

The Jacob & Co. Epic SF 24

It's easy to buy spectacles. Well, it should be.

Wonderful Acts of Kindness

Touché: download your own Mac Touch Bar

Obama vs DSLR shutters

Amazon offers unlimited music streaming

How mirrors made us individual

Amazon's Japanese Kindle

UMG Makes $4.48 Million a DAY from Streaming Music

eBook vs physical book

The Christopher Ward C1 Grand Malvern Power Reserve

Marc Hagan-Guirey‘s truly amazing Star Wars kirigami

Walnut the whippet

??NES Classic breaking $1,000 online

Which twin is older?

When and Why Nationalism Beats Globalism

Looking forward to Zero Days

Subway jam session

A photo, a meteor and an erupting volcano

Seems So Long Ago, Nancy

In Flanders Fields

There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in

Photographer creates silhouettes from Star Wars toys

Newsweek recalls 125,000 copies of its souvenir Madam President issue

What Did Nietzsche Mean When He Wrote “God is Dead”?

The Hamilton ODC X-03

Microsoft Surface Book with Performance Base review

Seiko SKA369P1 Watch Review

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016

Infinium: ever seen a record player like this?

Time to start ignoring America

Anti-virus software and Macs


When one firework lights up the whole sky

Overview: A New Perspective of Earth

What happens when you look at your partner's phone?

Sum up Trump's victory in 5 words

Apple now selling refurbished iPhones: will this lessen secondhand prices?

The Timex IQ+. This is a proper smart watch

Has Going Digital Killed Photography’s Artistry?

Can a divided America heal?

The iPhone is almost everything to Apple

Meanwhile in Britain...

Omega Dynamic

Someone used my email address and these companies sent me their information

Planet Earth II: please watch it

What Was Your First Camera?

The Most Influential Images of All Time

Take away features (and add dongles) with care


Casio G-Shock Master Of G Gulfmaster GWNQ1000-1A

SETAPP: a better Mac App Store

So what happens if Apple doesn’t make another iPhone SE?

Annotable for iOS

Alternative Windows laptops to the MacBook Pro

This could change computing forever

Jon Alameda's miniatures

Filmborn for iOS is special

Dongles! The funniest video you will watch today

Wooden case for Macbook: wonderful or silly?

Mad Max: Fury Road as an 8-bit game

I never believed it would happen

adidas Stan Smith Gore-Tex Shoes

The Rider’s Chronograph

The Chronos is shipping, finally

iPhone SE unlikely to be refreshed soon

How newspapers around the world reacted to the Brexit ruling

Developers Read 1 Star Reviews

Ballmer understood phones all along, apparently?

Image Capture for moving large files and photos in bulk

iPhone Grabs 104% Of Smartphone Profit / Android grabs 87.5% of Smartphone shipments

43% of iPhone users ready to upgrade?

Roku Streaming Stick vs Apple TV (3rd Gen)

Are wearables a fad?


Tricking voters on Twitter

The Slate


WALTR 2: send anything to your iPhone

NES Classic Edition

Phil Schiller talks computers, touchscreens and voice

iCloud woes

We need a word for this...

The Lifeclock One


Piper by Pixar

When was the last time you used a signature?

ASIG - nohero/nosky Concentric D. Wrist Watch Concept

Are we too focussed on hardware gimmicks?

Mobile internet usage exceeds desktop for first time

01: World's First dimensioning instrument

Watches See ‘Brexit’ Boom

Instapaper is joining Pinterest

iPad Pro accounts for less than one third of iPad sales

The Less Ugly One

Apple reactions old and new

Naked Case: World's 1st iPhone 7 Scratch-Resistant Skin

Seiko SRP775K1 thoughts

Just Husbands

Make an Indoor Water Garden

Benjamin Button Reviews The New MacBook Pro

The best Halloween light show ever!

The Statue of Liberty Almost Got a Glowing Wrist Watch

All We Need Is Love—and Leonard Cohen

Take your pet camping

Make your car Bluetooth-enabled for £1

Satechi Bluetooth Button Series (Home Button)

Mobile signal 'not spots'

Behind You

The Wristwatch Handbook

Puppies Crash Bachelor Party

One Pixel photo. omfg

It just works...

TAG Heuer Connected Watch (Solid Gold: $9,900)

13" MacBook Pro 2016 Unboxing

"Apple is testing my loyalty"

The Daily Mail, Brexit and Apple

Swatch Group: considering massive price hikes

The benefits of good posture

Needy technology

Apple ups UK prices, to a rediculous level

Build your own Touch Bar


macOS and iOS: two very different strategies

Robusto Ti5

AirPods you can buy now: Jaybird X3 Bluetooth headphones

Apple-to-Android upgrade comparisons are utterly meaningless

Crazy Vehicle Concepts

Apple is a hardware company, but software is its main advantage (for now)

Why Tim Cook is Steve Ballmer

Vue Smart Glasses

Mid-century inspired art


Microsoft times the Surface Studio and Surface Book i7 perfectly

Jamboard by Google

Google Pixel 4K Cinematic Video Footage

Seeing your life through a car park ticket

Microsoft: ??"We clearly missed the mobile phone"

Mi Mix on video- still very impressive

Napflix: the Netflix of sleep

Smartwatch shipments dropping

BT Whole Home Wi-Fi

New MacBook Pro leaked in macOS Sierra 10.12.1

Follow CES 2017 through Gadget Magazine

The Xiaomi Mi Mix is real, and amazing

Fossil bets big on smart watches

iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode by a pro photographer

Obama reads mean tweets

Apple and anniversaries

I’m suffering from design

Prime is improving all the time

Fifteenth month of falling exports

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge explodes- it happens

The Grand Seiko SBGA029 is perfect

Woman sues KFC for £16,000,000 because her bargain bucket was not full

Wildlife Pictures of the Year


Nuisance call bosses to face £500,000 fines

Visiting the Casio G-Shock Watch Headquarters

The distance and calm of paper

The Blancpain X Fathoms: bonkers!

Did you know your iPhone has a level built in?

This is the REAL lie peddled about migrants

The OLKA collection: mobile accessories that actually look good

Google Assistant vs Siri

Inside Nara Dreamland

Sack Gary Lineker for a tweet?

The Richard Mille RM 50-01 G-Sensor Tourbillon Chronograph

Hacked Cameras, DVRs Powered Today’s Massive Internet Outage

Family SIM from BT Mobile

iPhone is Coca Cola

Microsoft Surface sales booming

VicTsing Smallest Mini Bluetooth 4.0 In Ear Headset review

FabFocus: not bad

The best Star Wars themed Halloween costume yet

The world's most exclusive potato chips

IBM confirms that Macs are $535 less expensive than PCs

The Nintendo Switch

RJ X POKÉMON: a $20,000 Pokemon-themed watch

The Kodak Ektr: fighting the unbeatable?

In praise of Apple Notes

Google Pixel Review

Mpow Streambot Bluetooth Receiver Wireless Adapter

Borrowed Time

Why is John voting for Trump?

Note 7 users (rightly) want compensation for fire damage

Spotify not coming to Apple TV anytime soon

“Never Happened”

An Entire NFL Game shot with an iPhone 7

The Doxa SUB 200 T-Graph Searambler

gigabit LTE


Freddie Mercury - Remembered With A Blue Plaque

Instapaper is ‘still’ better than Pocket

Smart watches: A Highway To High-End Watches? No...

Is Apple's car project being scaled back?

This is how the Arizona Central responded to threats

Air: better wireless earphones than the AirPods?

Apple Prime

FabFocus: bokeh on any iPhone

Donkey Kong’s Darkest Secrets

Making the Love car: this is amazing

Do we sleep less now?

Samsung's Chromebook Pro

The Original iPod

Women In The Morning...

Chaz Hutton

Best smart analogue watches 2016

A videotape recorder that goes anywhere you go

How a Facial Recognition Mismatch Can Ruin Your Life

Apple Watch left wrist / Jawbone right wrist

Short stories via vending machine

Walt Disney's disappearing cigarettes

Apple's ?Regent Street store re-opens (lots of empty space)

Dagadam Watch - Most Intelligent Smartwatch Ever?

My grail watch: a Bulova Accutron Snorkel 666 feet


The Samsung ArtPC Pulse Premium

Siri was five years old last week

Apple Watches everywhere

The geometry of movies

Play a record with a new £5 note

If Steve Jobs designed a watch

ZTE Blade V7 for £129.99 from Three

If you wear an Apple Watch. You are an...

'The' iPhone 7 and 7 Plus review

A $3,000 quartz watch? Yes baby.

Creepy clowns are just real-life trolls

Who is winning in Android? Nobody...

The woman sporting an iPhone 3 and a 2009 MacBook Pro

Bottled water

What is anxiety?

"I had to pay $39.35 to hold my baby after he was born."

De Niro wants to punch Trump in the face

Samsung needs to scrap the Note 7

Glorious Bokeh

How to make money from kickstarter: Mori Brass Diver 300m

Return of the Mac?

Twitter: too big to fail, too big to buy

The Swatch Sistem51 Irony

Pebble 2 "I am not a toddler."

An open letter to bullies

The Google Pixel

Amazon bans 'incentivised' reviews

The Microsoft Band is dead (maybe)

The iPhone 7: last for battery performance

When a company thinks the public is stupid

On Keeping a Notebook by Joan Didion

You pay them to make a film, they run away with your money and it's all good

The Sony Xperia X Compact

Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Printer

Apple Watch Series 2 teardown

App doctors

If you only watch one video today...

Ocean Nebula Hotel concept

Chinese Note 7s are different

The ill-fated tale of Phoneys

Very unhappy man smashes up iPhones and Macs in an Apple Store

BlackBerry to stop making phones

We have been stealing music forever

Walk to pay off your Apple Watch

The Casio Edifice EQB-600 Smartphone Link

Are wealthy people treated better?

???Ad blocking growing further

Credit Card Power Bank charger review

Drilling holes in iPhones. Surely not?

Monzo: time to try it?

How to use macOS Sierra Picture-in-Picture in YouTube

Smart watches are not killing watch sales, watches are

Broken Jawbone?

The iPhone 7 never crossed my mind

J.K Rowling listens to Violent Femmes for the first time

500 million Yahoo! user accounts stolen, in 2014

The Circle review

The Leica Sofort instant camera

What's new in macOS Sierra?

Philips OneBlade review

Don't blink

Google is gunning for the iPhone with...

macOS Sierra Wi-Fi and iPhone sound lost

The car is a parking machine, not a driving machine

Samsung's lack of leadership


If my father was a dog...

WhatsApp users to receive adverts

Google Photos is the best thing to happen to the iPhone in a long time

iOS 10 beta 3 impressions

So, you don’t like Pokemon

The iPhone SE: more than just a smaller iPhone

The best analysis I have heard regarding the future of Apple and the iPhone

I can’t really see my cloud

dial by really?

Dropping my iPhone 6s for an SE...

The New York Times blocks you if you use an AdBlocker

4 years for OS X and tvOS, 3 years for iOS and watchOS

Coffee. Watches. Sunflowerman.

Where next for the phone?

The Kindle Oasis: taking the best unnecessarily further

Is the best smart watch a fitness tracker?

Why is my father still alive?

The Loop Magazine is dead

Always keep the box!

The HP Spectre

Write about what you love

Turn your traditional watch into a smart watch

Gadget Magazine: a publication for the future

U.S. iPhone owners are cheapskates

Juicero: the worst business idea ever?

Are phones killing the watch?

Apple screwed up the Music app, Cesium fixes it

Long-term effects of virtual reality?

LG G5 : UX 5.0 detailed in new video

Casio's Smart Outdoor Watch now available to buy

Have we passed peak Apple?

TomTom. Less is more!

TomTom GO Mobile is exceptional value, it really is

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I love music so I am not subscribing anymore

LG G5: innovation or gimmickry?

Tablets are dead

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A back door: FBI, hackers, regimes and so on...

Leaked images of the Galaxy S7s show little change

Ad-blocking at the network level

Newsletter: 20th February 2016

Smart watches outsell Swiss watches. So what?

Error 53 is over

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