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2019 Is Already The Future


Lost In Summerland

Observe the Apple Watch

Products That Didn't Exist 10 Years Ago

Does the G-Shock need to change?

Apple gets watches

The (remarkably ugly) Grand Seiko SBGA231

A second screen for your smartphone

$10,000 for 5 Garmins

Hodinkee Magazine

One out, one in

Billie Eilish

I wish the Apple Watch didn't exist

MVMT Watches are BETTER Than ROLEX (if you are paid to say that)

Over a Decade, The Smartphone Changed Us

The Jet Set

Avoiding the big boys

Casio G-Shock X Herschel G-Lide

Apple News editors...

The new Bulova Quadra

Mind the Gap

A new iPhone Pro concept

When $1.22 Million is a bargain


The Laco Flieger Limited – Topper Edition Watch

Elon Musk wins the 'Pedo Guy' case

The counter-statement of Bill Gates' watch

Dad Recreates the 'Back to the Future' DeLorean

Every Omega James Bond Watch

The Worst Designed Products of 2019

One man’s 1,648-page quest

Why Apple News+ isn't working (for me)

Wrist Game or Crying Shame

The New York subway map

A lesson learned

Guns were on everyone’s mind...

The Dan Henry 1970 Automatic Divers

I returned my AirPods pro after feeling dizzy too

Sotheby’s Latest Watch Auction

Apple nails Christmas

What is a 'counterfeit' watch?

Confessions of a watch flipper

Steve Jobs Worn Shirt in an iPhone...

Apple Is Designing for a Post-Facebook World

Non-profit .org sold for $$$$ to private equity firm

Fossil’s Hybrid HR smartwatches

What would happen if Rolex went to space?

Sweet Child O' Mine on iPhone

Time to say goodbye to Leonard

An Alarming Discovery in an Astronaut’s Bloodstream

Lizzo: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert


L’Affaire Vaperware


Google Chat

Looking forward to the E-01 Gen 2

Maurice Lacroix Aikon Mercury (they should learn from Apple)

Isabella Conticello’ Stunning illustrations

The Vacheron Constantin Overseas 4500V

Final Garmin Venu thoughts

The Seiko SRPD25K1

I’m going to vote for the least shit shit show in a sea of shit

One man’s Rolex tells its story at last

Night mode: not a good look for Apple

Let's talk

The Giorgio Galli S1 Automatic

Why the motorola razr is so important and why it is a world better than the Galaxy Fold

The Brunswick Blue: that dial!

We need a much better Chronos

Industrial Designer Critiques The Apple Watch / vs the Venu

The Garmin Venu

The Garmin Venu

One man’s descent into the underworld of sports

My next watch: The Redcliff Continental

Reviewing the Vivoactive 4 as if it were an Apple device

It simply has to be Grand Seiko

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max camera review

'Likes' to disappear from Instagram

The $75 Pagani Design 'Submariner'

It's scary how far ahead the Apple Watch is

An Historical Overview Of Rolex’s Flagship

Ice eggs

Another Q Timex reissue appears (sort of)

Fitbit users fear privacy invasion after $2.1bn Google acquisition


Xiaomi smartphone has 108 megapixel camera

Would you buy this above a G-Shock? I think I would...

Facebook and Twitter spread Trump’s lies

I 'need' the Grand Seiko GMT SBGM221

AirPods Pro make me dizzy (I think)

The Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Openworked

Google buying Fitbit for $2.1 billion

Xiaomi’s first (Apple) smartwatch

Do AirPods Pro Suck? An Audiophile's Perspective...

If Tudor made this they would win

Any deal will do


The 1969 Quartz Astron 50th Anniversary

AirPods Pro First Impressions

Fullmosa 5 Colors Quick Release Watch Strap Thoughts

AirPods Are a Tragedy

An Understated Omega Watch from 1947

AirPods Pro

This is how a GMT should be done

Retro TV phone stand

Five hours turning back clocks...

TCL's foldable prototype: running before you can walk?

Is this watch perfect?

It's not a phone camera anymore

10 Watches That Changed What’s on Your Wrist

The Button on the IPhone was FAR better than the Swipe!

The Hamilton Khaki King. Silence…

The real David Attenborough

The Hublot Big Bang MP-11 SAXEM

Johnson’s Fake News Machine & The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity

The Oris Art Blakey

Zodiac x Andy Mann Super Sea Wolf 68

The Timex Navi XL Automatic

The Women Who Helped Shape Disney Animation

Two photos

The vívosmart® 4 kind of grabbed me

Spotted the Fears Redcliff “Streamline”

WatchObsession Seatbelt NATO Nylon Watch Strap review

Jeff Bezos’s Master Plan

The (Apple) Watch

Air Force finally retires 8-inch floppies

Photographing watches: light matters

The BBC by subscription

Is the Citizen Excaliber (BN0100-51E) the best budget diver available today?

5G doesn't really exist... yet

The Rise and Fall of Timex Dundee

Click to pray

Classico Hourstriker Phantom

The Body

Why I Will Never Want a Smartwatch

The Evolution of Kitchen Appliances

Is the Oysterquartz a sleeping giant?

The Pen Fan

Longines Heritage Classic L2.828.4.73.2

Apple Watch series 5 thoughts

Apple Watch series 5 thoughts

Apple Watch Series 5 Review


Why Everything Is Getting Louder

The Bulova Computron

This man predicted everything Boris Johnson has done on Brexit

Artelier Date 40mm Blue Dial

The Apple Watch series 5 battery is bad!


The Seiko Chronograph is back!

Famous typefaces

Surface Neo


Restoring Apple's iconic design language


A Woman Found a Rare $250,000 Rolex Beneath the Cushions of Her Couch

Why I Want but Will Never Own...

What next for Apple News+?

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Date

Ultra-short attention spans

Is a one watch collection possible?

Why is the Galaxy Fold even on sale?

Vintage Electric’s Roadster Bike

Citizen PRT AW7031-54A review

The GREATE$T Trick of Boris, Brexit & Trump

Decimal: a vintage watch font

It just works, and works and works

Is Apple Arcade worth it?

Echo Buds (oops!)

New NOMOS sports watches

Why can’t we agree on what’s true any more?

A little more about the iPhone 11 Pro

Born to dare?

iPhone 11 Pro thoughts

Joanne's Bournemouth Marathon Run for Young Minds Trust

Stuff not to buy: Galaxy Fold, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone queues...

The Ming 17.06 Copper

iOS and iPadOS 13 review

The Q Timex: some good, more bad

Ban all watches from exams...

TRASKA Summiteer (OP-a-like?)


Fitbit Versa 2 review (not great)

Apple event 2019

Smartwatch Sales Are Soaring

Let’s get ready to travellllllllllll!

Children Raised Without Religion Are Kinder And More Empathetic

If you go quartz, you may as well take advantage of it

The HiSense A5 (finally, an e-Ink phone)

A few minutes later and £220,000 feels like a bargain

The Astor + Banks Sea Ranger

Apple Watch sleep tracking

Centaur Smart Chess Set

Cute AirPod case customisations

When a Digital Watch cost more than a Rolex

The Hamilton Khaki Pilot Pioneer Mechanical

G-Shock GLX-5600 x Ron Herman Japan 10th Anniversary

What would happen if Apple made a watch?

What would happen if Apple made a watch?

The Mondaine stop2go: technical innovation

Why the Mondaine stop2go is so cool

Jim Carrey is terrifying!

CARROT Fit, just brilliant

New from Fitbit, same old problems?

The Monta Atlas

Grip watch

Doing The Two-Wrist Tango

Fitbit heart rate tracking is magical!

90% of the music I listen to was released in the past 2 years

The most amazing facades in London

Orient Ray II initial thoughts

iPhone Pros?

The Hybrid Dive Watch from ‘Predator’ and ‘Commando’

Apple cards, leather and jeans

MVMT Documentary

The George Daniels Space Traveller in the flesh


iOS 13 thoughts

Has Rolex gone too far?

Orient brings back the Super King

The Seiko 5 Sports is re-born

HTC smartphones pulled from sale in UK

Google is shutting down Trips

The Watch Chosen By The CIA

How the television transformed our homes

The Man with the Golden Airline Ticket

Orient Bambino (RA-AP0002S10B) watch review

Fitbit is feeling the hurt

The Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope 100 Jahre Bauhaus

Does it really matter if Instagram gets rid of likes?

The Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Mykonos

BERSIGAR Submariner Homage Watch Review

The Terrible Anxiety of Location Sharing Apps

The phone shaver / shaver phone?

Beauty7 Vintage Leather Watch Strap Review

Think again about size

Why isn't the iPhone 11 like the new iPad Pros?

The Watch That Went to the Moon. Oh really?!?

Apollo 11 in Real Time

Jooltool: she destroyed a Daytona!

All-new Kindle - £49.99

Jony Ive’s Mistakes

White dials

Has Rolex gone too far?

Insults, lies, gaslighting, authoritarian threats. He's your president.

Bye bye to the best Mac ever

Apple disables Walkie-Talkie

Nintendo Switch Lite

TMPL™?: don't bother looking inside

LORIER: sometimes you have to look inside

User Inyerface

He had tried to conceal insulting remarks from Donald Trump

The Origins Podcast: Ricky Gervais

IBM’s wearable design... is silly

On a mission to reshape the watch world

In Perpetual Motion

The Omega Speedmaster Michael Schumacher ref. 3559.32

When you run out of content...

The Daily Mail reaches a new low...

Buying bronze?

Your sense of time...

History of the Swatch Watch

Ginault And The Curious Case Of The Counterfeit Rolex Watch Factory

Will the Apple Watch outsell the entire Swiss watch industry next year?

W6 Stand for Apple Watch

Will the Apple Watch outsell the entire Swiss watch industry next year?

Omega, please stop!

The George Daniels Space Traveller I Sells For $4.6 Million

Jony Ive's most iconic Apple designs

Gun Zapped

The Apple TimeBand

Is the Apple Pencil the next killer iPhone feature?

Vintage gold watches

Reunited with £10,000 Rolex lost overboard 20 years ago

Timex X Nigel Cabourn Referee

Bye Jony

Saving the ocean. Really?

If corporate logos were a little more honest

The Seiko Prospex Fieldmaster Lowercase Beams edition

San Francisco to ban e-cigarettes

The polls are clear

The Citizen AT0200-05E

iOS: what is essential and what is forgotten?

The passage of time visualised

Experiments III: Cascade (Behind the Scenes)

Starbucks has a Slave Labor Problem

What can we do about deepfakes?

How dirty is your watch? Very...

Chronometer certified, 80 hour power reserve, under $300

A 101-year-old TidBITS Reader

Jaybird Tarah quick review: the best yet?

Reset your bulbs

What the f*ck is going on in the UK?


The traditional mobile industry is on life support

The Rise of Patina

The Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Professional

Don't lose sleep over sleep tracking

Quick things

Two steps from oblivion

The G-Shock GBD800

Are homages completely awful? Yes...

Trying to avoid Rolex…

La Barrichello

Vintage watches in Brussels

Poketo x CASETiFY 2019 Collection

Introducing iPhone XI

Tudor Black Bay 36 review

The Anordain Model 1

Farewell then, iTunes

Bulova Thermatron Watch Hands-On

iPhone Fold concept

Apple's stand

The Ideal Watch Size Survey Report

The Straight Pride Parade

Can I buy a future-proof laptop to last 10 years?

The One Watch Collection

How to Maintain a Dive Watch

Fitbit Inspire HR (quick) review

Killed by Google



The Divers Sixty-Five "Honey"


The new TWA Hotel

Queuing for Everest

Is Rolex supporting the entire industry?

The Smartwatch Crisis

A Black Bay 58 disaster

Interchangeable Bezels

Ariel Adams From ABlogToWatch (podcast)

The Q Timex on video

Hamilton Khaki Field: white works

So you missed out on the Q Timex reissue…

Avia Swissonic quick review

The Tambour Spin Time Air

A Faun’s Afternoon

How a product ages defines its timeless appeal


(Almost) All You Need to Know about Tudor

The Torpedo Blast 44 < $70

The Q Timex is genuinely cool!

3 Chronographs

Hublot Big Bang Rainbow King Gold

Bark & Jack NATO strap review

Life in Miniature

The touch dial Casio AT-552 Janus- amazing!

The ZRC Grands Fonds Vintage 1964 Spirit Bronze

The Man Who Sparked the Vintage Watch Boom

Oh Archie. This is difficult to watch

iN TECH® Bluetooth Earphones quick review

Retro is great, but...

Checking the date with no date window

How overpriced is this watch?

Forgotten Watchmakers

Your watch impresses literally no-one

The Timex Weekender - the most watchy watch

non G-Shocks are just so good

This Series 1 was the watch that led to it all…

Ring Clock

The Invertor

The Urban Explorer

The brilliant idea that should not be forgotten

Seiko - is there better value under £500?

The Apple Store lustre

The Laurent Ferrier Tourbillon Grand Sport

Watch collectors and their ever so predictable watch collections…

Sea Time: Watches Inspired By Sailing, Yachting And Diving

The 'unlimited' Oris Divers Sixty-Five Chronograph

And the best watch podcast is...

Rolex - I think I get it now

NOW: The Watch Buying Guide

Is Swatch just a novelty?

Boxes and bits

The Black Bay Red - it’s the little things that matter

The date window

Nearly 4 months to service a Seiko?!

How The Crown Makes Superlative Chronometers

The Root Beer GMT Master

My watch story: a Bulova Accutron Snorkel 666 feet

The very funky Wakmann Regate

Smartwatch shipments up, Apple pulling away

The Wild World of Vintage Watch Collectors

The Omega Memomatic

The Green Room Interviews

1969 Was a Watershed Year

Time for a change

Mad Paris

How Fast Does a Watch Need to Be?

Modello Uno ref. U1-MY

Chimaera Nylon Zulu Strap thoughts

Archer Silicone Quick Release Soft Rubber Band review

The TAG Heuer Monaco Sixty-Nine

The new Nomos Club and Tangente Sport models

The Tropical Dial Is a Flaw

The Bulova Computron

The Electrostatic Accutron Concept Movement

No one noticed it, no one…

Henry London Chancery review

Citizen Brycen (AW1590-55E) review

Fitness trackers 'add miles to your marathon'

To Grieve Is to Carry Another Time

How did the qwerty keyboard become so popular?

Street Artists Transform an Ordinary Building

Sculpting Freddie Mercury

Instagram is awful

No backdoor...

Look after your own baby you lazy...

Retro Tech: Game Boy

Bye bye BBM

The Galaxy has folded

The Gruen Airflight

Behind Brexit lies a yearning for a past we destroyed

No one noticed it, no one...

All New Kindle 2019 review

The Corgeut Black Bay

Mongolian Metal Music

Why Do We All Have to Be Beautiful?

Apple's Credit Card

Tudor bad, Tudor better

When your grail is not the best, it’s still your grail

Tudor Black Bay GMT thoughts. Too good for me?

Spot the difference

Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean the algorithms aren’t out to get you

The humbling of Britain

When Life's Noises Drive You Mad

Powerbeats Pro thoughts

What It’s Like to Grow Up With More Money Than You’ll Ever Spend

The Electrostatic Accutron Concept Movement

When your grail is not the best, it’s still your grail

Tokyo Street Art Pieces

AirPower abandoned

Extra floors, extra steps...

Generation Snowflake (is older than you may think)

The obscene moral spectacle of Theresa May's resignation

Jabra Elite 65t In-Ear True Wireless Headphones review

Citizen Brycen (AW1590-55E) review

The Apple TV 4K is bad, really bad

The Bulova Computron

Inside the big, twisted industry of neighborhood data collection

New stuff: AirPods, Kindle and Watches

It would take 332,064 years to say the 31.4 trillion digit number

What Google knows about you

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight (M79030N-0002) thoughts

The Garmin MARQ collection

Kenya's 'elephant queen'

Street musicians

Famous logos redesigned

A child who wasn’t vaccinated

The Hall 1 Typewriter

They Ruined The App

Lost In Mobile 2019 Survey Results

Sometimes Apple deserves a little credit

The Fox News White House

iPhone crushes Androids on resale value

Images of Intersecting Shockwaves From Two Supersonic Jets

The Tropical Dial Is a Flaw

Lost In Mobile 2019 survey

A redesigned London Tube and Rail Map

Fitbit versa Lite, inspire and Ace 2

Apple’s 12-inch MacBook hits lowest price at $799 (Reg. $1,299)

Eddie Howe awarded Freedom of Bournemouth

Apple Music vs. Spotify

Will we ever have a Concorde again?

The Re:ease

The Tip Off podcast

£15 for a cup of coffee

Why the UK cannot see that Brexit is utterly, utterly stupid

La Voiture Noire

The ZX81

Subscriptions are winning

A bad move for podcasts

Keith Flint


You’re taking up quite a bit of my seat...

They made a big thing about being different

Time for a change

Lost In Mobile 2019 survey


Apple starting to act like other companies

Coffee prices around the world

The PlayStation Vita has finally been discontinued

People Call My Photos Fake

1969 and watches

Make your home look like the set of Mad Men

New cups from Starbucks, same coffee...

Watch worth £25k stolen

Microsoft offering refunds to Band users

Longines HydroConquest (L3.742.4.96.6) review

Lost In Mobile 2019 survey

The keyboard will not die

Apple ruined A-Punk by Vampire Weekend for me

Eames Radio

New Eco-Drives from Citizen

Make your own map background

Spot the difference

Pac-Man: The Untold Story

What Remains

BritBox is not a Netflix rival

What problems do foldable phones solve?

No imaginable route of escape from the Brexit straitjacket

Why We Think Cats Are Psychopaths / Why We Love Dogs

Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ Photo Contest winners

The Seiko U.S. Limited Edition Alpinist

A Spotify Music Player (MIGHTY VIBE)

The secret lives of Facebook moderators in America

Only digital brings stress

Publishers grow frustrated by the lack of revenue from Apple News

The 'cost' of Apple products

Are You a Photographer, or a Photo Editor?

The Best All-in-One Turntables

The Huawei Mate X: Galaxy Fold killer already?

Dividing 1 by 998,001

The coolest police cars

Behind the dial

Dear Tim...

iPhone X Fold

When my son was 6 I used a Treo 650...

Nike app for self-tying shoe comes undone

Apple’s strange guarantee for Steve’s replacement devices

A Real $2M Lamborghini Taken Apart

Top 15 Best Global Brands Ranking (2000-2018)

It’s every new dad’s worst fear

The Green Room Interviews

The new Galaxy Fold and S10's

The Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Tough

Huawei copies stuff

Reassessing priorities...

Coffee makes you live longer

The Deux Watch

Note Roller

It’s a Gas!

The crazy world of watch pricing



Impossible to function without the big five tech giants?

Meet the Pangolin

On Death

"My battery is low and it's getting dark."

Titanium Band for Apple Watch

"I have got a disability and any stress, I just break down crying."

Tudor Black Bay GMT thoughts. Too good for me?

RIP WAP (or don't, we don't care)

Wena Pro by Sony

It is amazing what was possible 35 years ago

The iPhone push

The EvoType case. Hmmm...

What I Learned From the Hacker Who Spied on Me

Snowy Tokyo

We got through the war and we’ll get through this

There are new features and there are real features

Sunrise Records buys HMV, but why?

Telecom companies sold data intended to be used by 911 operators

No thank you, Mr. Pecker

A $162,500 Tudor Big Crown Submariner


The U1-EN BGW-09

Do not track, screen captures etc

Citizen BN0100-51E Promaster Sea review

25 scenes 25 years

You can’t use facts when arguing with some people


Seiko SBJG003

A broken system

People usually shoot with smartphones

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight (M79030N-0002) thoughts

Are you being fooled by food labels?

You might want to avoid FaceTime this week

The Nixon Dork Too

Yet another eBay scam

Digital assets

What He Left Behind

The Brady Heywood Podcast

9 body parts you don't need

No buttons, no ports, no jacks, no grilles

A $600 fix for a $6 cable

I want a parrot

The typo that led a man to a stranger's stag party

The same red cabin

I Fought Apple and Won

The Best Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

The Swiss Dreams Watchphone

The best Windows laptop is a MacBook

I fail to understand Apple...

Brexit is a lie

Wear OS is doomed

Going For A Song

The iPhone SE is back, sort of

Sometimes there are hard feelings...


Musish: a web-based Apple Music player

The Swiss Alp Watch Concept Black. Why?

Tracked all of the time...


60% of species of coffee could go away

Prime and Punishment

The Bonbon Collection

Apple Services are way behind

The Best Men Can Be?

Self-lacing trainers

Flytrack Concept Watch

Timeline Your Life

The work that makes all other work possible

‘What’ is next

Which was the fittest country in 2018?

Smartwatches are complementary to mechanical watches?


A human in the land of the Gods


Strange Horizons

Spy on people with your AirPods

Tangled Mossy Trees

Four decade of Apple products

Download the Books That Just Entered the Public Domain


Same sh*t, different countries

The hole-punch display

Sidekick Notebook

Take fitness away from the Apple Watch and it becomes annoying

What is the worst pain?

Apple Music Wrapped

1 Woman, 12 Months, 52 Places

A door mat

The Withings Move (ECG)

The PowerWatch 2

1 iPhone X, 15 months, 94%

The American Classic Intra-Matic collection

The Fitbit Charge 2 has never been beaten

3 kinds of bias that shape your worldview

Film photos

Samsung’s Space Monitor

“Give me back your Twitter, bitch”

JUUL - building a new addiction

Building your perfect Apple Watch face

Custom Apple Watch faces are here (sort of)

Oooh!! Coffee

The Future of Work Requires Investments in Human Capital

Embracing Apple's Boring Future

Avoiding tech?

The (i)Phone business is not what it was

Just under 191 million books were sold in the UK last year

Is the Oris Divers Sixty Five perfect?

Skagen Hybrid Smartwatch (SKT1113) review – master of none

The CARBONARA pencil

Montblanc Summit II review

The journey continues...