Sitemap - 2020 - McGST

Cassette sales double in a year

Do You Love Me? NO!

8 Classic Operating Systems in your browser

Things that stuck in 2020

Be flexible. And stay safe.


'Pure Gold' AirPods Max ($108,000)


Stefan Sagmeister: shopping in boxes...

Five ways to stay positive


What's next?

Frank wins by an Ocean

The Conqueror Virtual Challenges

Would you eat a Skittle?

The XP-PEN G640

Retro Watches

One final present

I will never write about Brexit again...

Music streaming: money, money, money

These Precious Days


The Healthcare Workers’ Foundation

Happy Christmas

Do smartphone applications and activity trackers increase physical activity in adults?


McGST Podcast Episode 40 (What is music? Part two. With Tom Munch)

McGST Podcast Episode 40 (What is music? Part two. With Tom Munch)

Musicians earn less than 1 cent per stream

The Queen's Speech: 2020

Nine digital gifts on sale (no shipping required)

Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch HR Latitude

Real Life Activity Awards

I miss my grandkids


The fisherman who discovered the Loch Ness Monster


Fitness Totals

Vaccine Queue Calculator for the UK

Covid Aid

Tethered to the machine

Your best 2020 photos


iPhone 6s captures 2,000ft drop from a plane

Designer Desktops

The Year That Warped Time

What is your best photo of 2020?

The best advert of 2020

Apple Fitness+ Review

McGST Podcast Episode 39 (Dressing up, cleaning up, getting fit and organising)

McGST Podcast Episode 39 (Dressing up, cleaning up, getting fit and organising)

Our own elected idiots


Top 10 Photos of 2020

Twelve South SurfacePad for iPhone (11 Pro) review

Sam's Study


The Tesla of Face Masks

Wearable tech concept 2021

Someone spoofed my number

The Caviar Story: blasted from the moon to space to the iPhone

You were taken for fools and you took the rest of us with you

Women Are Colder Than Men

Wealthy MP urged to pay up for his family’s slave trade past


McGST Podcast Episode 38 (What is music to different people? With Tom Munch)

McGST Podcast Episode 38 (What is music to different people? With Tom Munch)

The “Social Mask”

Why do I wake up at the same time every night?

The Social Life of Forests

What is your product of the year?

'It didn't hurt at all'

Unboxing the $122,000 Smartphone

Gucci, why are we doing this?

Apple's Airpods Pro named Which? Product of the Year

Why You Should Buy An Apple Watch. (A Watch Snob's Perspective)

Open letter from an ICU nurse

McGST Podcast Episode 37 (I bought a 2020 MacBook Air)

McGST Podcast Episode 37 (I bought a 2020 MacBook Air)

Apple introduces AirPods Max

Best Crime Reporting of 2020

Attack on Pearl Harbor 1941

A Smartwatch App To Help Stop His Dad's Nightmares

Backbone One

Cardieo Smartwatch is a SCAM

Apple Silicon M1 Disruption

McGST Podcast Episode 36 (Questions #4)

McGST Podcast Episode 36 (Questions #4)

iBook ? Air

bellroy Phone Case - 3 card

The 1989 Batmobile desk clock

McGST Podcast Episode 35 (chess, vaccines and Elliot)

McGST Podcast Episode 35 (chess, vaccines and Elliot)

Radioooo: a musical time machine

Ruining the moon

Pocket Casts Top 100 Podcasts of 2020

Japanese Tools

Eono by Amazon - Case for iPhone 11 Pro thoughts

elago AW6 AirPods Pro Case thoughts

My eye is 'pixelated'

Bigots like Jordan Peterson

Why Do We Listen to New Music?

The McGST 2020 Reader Survey Results

2 minutes with the M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

Wristcam: a camera for your Apple Watch

Hackers will target anything

The McGST 2020 Reader Survey

The truth twisters cannot stop twisting

The 1.0x Speed List

I Miss Making CD Mixtapes and Discovering Music

A vulnerable, lonely, elderly coronavirus patient

The best articles of 2020

The case for issuing perpetual bonds has never been stronger

The Montblanc 1858

27 years later and the Psion 3a is still wonderful

Somryst: losing sleep? You will now.

Castles in the Sky

McGST Podcast Episode 34 (today is better than yesterday)

McGST Podcast Episode 34 (today is better than yesterday)

Why there has never been a female chess world champion

Make Them Suffer

How much?

Caption competition

Torturing Geniuses

Don't hug, don't play board games, don't sleepover, Merry Christmas!

The benefits of walking

South of the Circle

Remembering the Ditto and Mimeograph

McGST Podcast Episode 33 (I don’t have a problem with those who have a problem with things I don’t have a problem with)

McGST Podcast Episode 33 (I don't have a problem with those who have a problem with things I don't have a problem with)

Phone addiction not driven by notifications

Welcome to the future

Making daylight time permanent

Staff cried and expressed dismay with the publishing giant's decision to publish

Diego Maradona

Find every mask in this picture

We do because we can

Apple Watch Solo Loop Strap Review

Three households and a funeral

29 hours of Obama

The future of Moore’s law seems uncertain

The Rolex Submariner (2020) vs the Bersigar BG-1651

Video games can improve mental health

The Oppo X 2021

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan

McGST Podcast Episode 32 (Being 16)

McGST Podcast Episode 32 (Being 16)

Meet the Xor Titanium Phone

Is Apple really a privacy-first company?

The Lorier Hyperion

Better Designed Apple Accessories

McGST Podcast Episode 31 (Man flu and Women do)

McGST Podcast Episode 31 (Man flu and Women do)

Emulate GameCube and Wii games at full speed on iOS devices

Typographic artwork by Aaron Kuehn

Play chess against Beth Harmon

Da Vinci Eye: AR Art Projector

400+ workouts on demand

A device connected to my heart could save my life. It could also be hacked.

The nation faces an unprecedented crisis, and the president has left a void.

“Why is my mood all over the place at the moment?”

The Thursday Murder Club


McGST Podcast Episode 30 (Merry Christmas?)

McGST Podcast Episode 30 (Merry Christmas?)


Apple benchmarks and commissions

Pre-symptomatic detection of COVID-19 from smartwatch data

What Is a Particle?

The BL6

Blood Oxygen randomness

death of the net

A 2020 MacBook Air and a 2020 iPad Air may be all you need for the next 5 years


People just seem to love to hate

Three classic Psion games recreated for the iPhone

Big Sur problems, app problems, privacy problems, Apple problems...

Six brilliant books as the nights draw in

Spammy emails. Sorry!

The LEGO Land Rover: better than any computer game

Overcoming obstacles and becoming a Spartan athlete

We’ll spend almost a decade on our phones

The German Government's latest Corona advert

Naval Watch Company's military-inspired timepieces

The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked

The impossible return of AC/DC

The bubble you think you have

Your Computer Isn't Yours

Apple Watch Braided Silicone Solo Loop review (are official Apple Watch straps worth it?)

Music in your head and music for your eyes

Amorphous Flocks of Starlings

There are weird sad big truths

McGST Podcast Episode 29 (Questions #3)

McGST Podcast Episode 29 (Questions #3)

Staff who work from home after pandemic 'should pay more tax'

Cars Make Your Life More Expensive

Marta C Gonzalez

Don't Let Me Go

101 years ago yesterday

Creating a diversity disaster

How Brands Drive Us From Clueless to Customer

McGST Episode 28 (The genius of Apple’s fitness solution)

McGST Episode 28 (The genius of Apple's fitness solution)

Apple leaps forward

What happens when you stop exercising?

141 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena

How quickly we forget?

The first Aston Martin DB5 built in more than 55 years

iPhone 12 Pro Max Review

Why people leave Facebook

McGST Podcast Episode 27 (Getting old…)

McGST Podcast Episode 27 (Getting old...)

Stand in silence

The Ticwris Max 4G Smart Watch Phone

Santa meets Willy Wonka

Kindle Oasis Review

McGST Podcast Episode 26 (Kindle Oasis Thoughts)

McGST Podcast Episode 26 (Kindle Oasis Thoughts)

The Alfa Romeo B.A.T. Collection

A Shipwrecked Nazi Steamer, Still Filled With Cargo

Time to go sleepy for a while

Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure busted my shoulder (and some others as well)

Buy Me A Coffee(?)

What Time Is It on This Russian Clock?

Do you see it?

A microscopic 3D-printed Star Trek Voyager that can move on its own

Leitners’ Hybrid Smartwatch

This is us

And he just carried on playing...

A microscopic 3D-printed Star Trek Voyager that can move on its own

Leitners’ Hybrid Smartwatch

This is us

And he just carried on playing...

Leading moral, rational people to odd moral conclusions

How quickly the AirPods became rediculous

Retro Widget

Some Humans Ain't Human

McGST Podcast Episode 25 (Kirk Israel)

Raspberry Pi 400: the $70 desktop PC

Gym Box

McGST Podcast Episode 25 (Kirk Israel)

Honor the Material

Inside one of the world’s most beautiful bookstores


A Moment in Time: Watchmaking at the Start of the 21st Century

McGST Podcast Episode 24 (Questions #2)

How to take a selfie in 1912

Governments Worldwide Consider Ditching Daylight Saving Time

McGST Podcast Episode 24 (Questions #2)

swatch x 007 (2Q)

The second 'too late' shambolic Boris lockdown

There is no reason to buy the iPhone 12 Pro

Bang & Olufsen’s Beogram 4000c Recreated Limited Edition

Seiko's Voice Digital Watch returns

Bond bows out

McGST Podcast Episode 23 (buying stuff)

McGST Podcast Episode 23 (buying stuff)

A room, a bar and a classroom

Amazon should NOT be selling these!

Bag of leeks confused with machete after police called to Aberdeen community to track down man in bunny mask

Data Disappeared

Erroneous iOS 14 beta notifications

Post-Brexit UK will not be ‘centre of gravity’ for Biden

Pininfarina's 50-Year-Old Modulo Design

Surviving the Titanic

Honor Watch ES review

Why great design is timeless



Here's How A Savvy Patient Fought Back

Second-Hand Can No Longer Be Ignored...

Free TomTom GO Navigation (UK) for 1 year

AirBuddy 2

Clean Android Launchers

McGST Podcast Episode 22 (Survival mode, no possessions and Borat)

Huawei wins, Huawei loses

McGST Podcast Episode 22 (Survival mode, no possessions and Borat)

The Center of a Spicy Dunkin’ Donut

Station Eleven

Books are banned?

The school meals campaign

Oreo built a doomsday vault in Norway

The Island That Humans Can’t Conquer

Don’t doublewrist! You don’t need to.

McGST Podcast Episode 21 (Music) [Spotify only]

Captain Kirk knows best

When was a word first used in print?


Apple's powerful 2020 updates

Kirk and Aimee

Halloween Decorations Of The Year 2020

McGST Podcast Episode 20 (Questions…)

Wear a mask!

McGST Podcast Episode 20 (Questions…)

Why do some find the economics/health trade-off so hard to get?

The Panerai Radiomir Venti PAM2020

Widgets Swidgets

Today's news as seen on iPads in 1995

Sneakerheads etc

How Not To Be Wrong

A Man & His Car

What do you get if you cross Dvo?ák with The Wombles?

Confused by the iPhone 12... Pro... Mini...Max

One time telling dot

Pump Up The Volume

The Q Timex HODINKEE Limited Edition (received)

The True Story of the Antifa Invasion of Forks

The Cartiers

Covid: How it all went wrong

Tsunami from Heaven

YouTube Music comes to the Apple Watch

Bill Bryson 'to retire from writing'

Where Does My Power Lie?

Innovative Apple accessories

Spotify gives, Spotify takes away

Beats Flex ($49.99)

One-Word Poems

McGST Podcast Episode 19 (Sami Mughal)

McGST Podcast Episode 19 (Sami Mughal)

The Q Timex HODINKEE Limited Edition

Should you share it?

Apple event / 10

The Hublot Big Bang e

An app that listens to your car to spot faults

A 'home' office

McGST Podcast Episode 18 (Covering the face, the wrist and the mind)

Changing Our Dreams...

Strength cannot beat sickness

McGST Podcast Episode 18 (Covering the face, the wrist and the mind)


iOS 14 widgets

Britain’s biggest hoarder...

Galloping Ghost - The World's Largest Arcade

$21 million in highly unusual payments

Still Got The Blues...

Screen time is up

My “Minimal” iPhone Setup

Europe wants Joe Biden to win the US election

Automatically Change Your Apple Watch Face by Location or Time

Cassette sales rise to highest level since 2004

How Brands Get You To Buy

An iPhone User Takes the Surface Duo for a Spin

McGST Podcast Episode 17 (Trump)

Sony smartwatch wena 3


The MOFT Float

McGST Podcast Episode 17 (Trump)

All About The Apple Watch

Six months' shielding 'enough to drive you insane'

The differences between the Apple Watch series 6 and the Fears Brunswick Salmon

We have an epic Trump bot network on our hands

Have that coffee after breakfast...

This Overlooked Variable Is the Key to the Pandemic

Six Figures in 6 days

Naked Eye 3D

I don’t wear masks like him

The Fears Brunswick Salmon

Apple Watch Momentum Is Building

The Pretender

McGST Podcast Episode 16 (Looking up, looking down and judging everyone and everything in between)

Swearing parrots separated

The Q Timex Reissue Digital LCA

McGST Podcast Episode 15 (Spatially sounded icons and widgets)

McGST Podcast Episode 15 (Spatially sounded icons and widgets)


Dreading a dark winter lockdown? Think like a Norwegian

Should We Separate the Art From the Artist?

Stanislav Petrov

Ted Lasso

Molly and the possum

A watch guy unboxes the Apple Watch

Man dies after eating bag of licorice every day for a few weeks


The computer 'fad' is dying

Why some birds are so smart—and maybe even self-aware

Apple really needs to allow this

Why you should get an autopsy if it’s the last thing you do

The Tudor Royal Collection

McGST Podcast Episode 14 (Dogs)

Every solution has a problem

Poolside FM

McGST Podcast Episode 14 (Dogs)

Alice Camera

A 1930s Vintage Coupé as a Modern Concept Car

A Failure of Empathy Led to 200,000 Deaths

McGST Podcast Episode 13 (You must agree with my position!)

Old TV destroyed broadband for 18 months

McGST Podcast Episode 13 (You must agree with my position!)

You 'can' customise the iOS Home Screen


Dealing with murder in space

McGST Podcast Episode 12 (Apple, Apple, Apple)

Should Touch ID come back?

An Apple Watch series 4 with SP02

McGST Podcast Episode 12 (Apple, Apple, Apple)


McGST Podcast Episode 11 (Covidiots)

The Pandemmys

Reminiscences on the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

McGST Podcast Episode 11 (Covidiots)

When you browse Instagram and find former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott's passport number

Old dancing + new music = fun

Comedy wildlife photography awards

Dark Noise

The end of the Lightning connector?

Explaining the cost of US healthcare to British people

You have to look at this holistically...

The Moke is back

McGST Podcast Episode 10 (what if covid-19 happened 50 years ago?)

Vinyl Sales Surpass CD Sales

A snake is not a mask

McGST Podcast Episode 10 (what if covid-19 happened 50 years ago?)

From 4 to 6 does not go

My weird quest to find a lost game

The Helvezzia Tipo-6

When counterfeit Apple AirPods are real(ish)

Addicted to losing

A winter of discontent

Fear of failure

McGST Podcast Episode 9 (kids)

He's singing to his wife through the window

A quick charge Apple Watch

McGST Podcast Episode 9 (kids)

Periwinkle, the Color of Poison, Modernism, and Dusk

Microsoft’s Awful 2010 Smartphone

Asthma and Covid-19: no increased risk?

(Pointless) England and Wales' contact-tracing app gets launch date

The New Reconstruction

It just worked


Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS2020) vs Real Life

The Skindiver WT and the Oris Roberto Clemente Limited Edition

The Amazfit Neo

He’s a turd of a human being

Tommy used to work on the docks...

McGST Podcast Episode 8 (Fat Shaming)


At 31, I have just weeks to live

McGST Podcast Episode 8 (Fat Shaming)

Weather photography

The revived Game and Watch

Oura Ring Review

Upgrading the Captain America Shield

I'm not playing the silly Rolex game anymore

Chasing Storms and Lightning Strikes

Ikea catalogues from 1950 onwards

What Actually Makes Water Roll Off a Duck's Back?

The Privileged Have Entered Their Escape Pods

Inside Cameo

A Ural sidecar rigged up as a mobile cafe

The Avanguardia

The Flying-V

The Tech My Dad Banned From Our House

MCGST Episode 7 (Apple, conspiracies, living at work)

MCGST Episode 7 (Apple, conspiracies, living at work)

A typical Apple family?

When the fastest route is not the fastest route

Breitling's marketing bullshit

The Movement Against Psychiatry

Morning Brew

Now this is health tracking

We need more people like this

Apple vs Epic and Microsoft

Brexit vs Covid-19

Relative importance in 2020 so far

Seiko 3-in-1 Pocket Computer System

McGST Podcast Episode 6 (Apple's house of cards)

High Score

Microsoft Flight Simulator (as it was)

McGST Podcast Episode 6 (Apple’s house of cards)

Your questions...

More is less

The low and the high of the Apple Watch rumours

My Apple Watch is my secret weapon to surviving the pandemic

Herd Immunity For COVID-19 Is Still A Terrible Idea

The SBGW262

McGST Podcast Episode 5 (is the Apple Watch the best watch in the world?)

McGST Podcast Episode 5 (is the Apple Watch the best watch in the world?)

Ratio Eight Coffee Maker

A car-size asteroid flew within 1,830 miles of Earth over the weekend


McGST Podcast Episode 4 (nobody cares about my daughter)

Stormy Weather in color

An e-ink tablet

Teens Flock To New App...

McGST Podcast Episode 4 (nobody cares about my daughter)

An Apple bundle: not convinced

A cartoon from 1923 about the future

The Apollo-Soyuz Handshake

McGST Podcast Episode 3 (my son Tom)

McGST Podcast Episode 3 (my son Tom)


Want to know why wild conspiracism can be so irresistible? Ask a 14-year-old girl.

I didn't vote for them

ZX Spectrum Next - Issue 2

The Differences

Fortnite removed

'Bullying' Apple...

The Surface Duo

Google reintroduces Maps for Apple Watch

McGST Podcast Episode 2 (Tom Munch)

McGST Podcast Episode 2 (Tom Munch)

Toshiba shuts the lid on laptops after 35 years

How can a virus with 1% mortality shut down the United States?

Five lives saved

At Glacier’s End


This is probably the world's greatest photobomb

Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning

McGST Podcast Episode 1 (Masks)

McGST Podcast Episode 1 (Masks)

Amazing restored photos

Your Wristwatch May Harbor A Flourishing Microbial Ecosystem

We are just a little bit broken

Wear OS won’t be able to play music...

One Million Cannibal Ants Trapped in Soviet Nuclear Bunker Have Escaped

Democracy for Sale

Garmin paid a multi-million dollar ransom to criminals

The 1964 Olympics Certified a New Japan

Is the watch industry being gamed again? (Rolex Explorer 14270)

New ‘unpatchable’ exploit allegedly found on Apple’s Secure Enclave chip


Apple Watch Series 6: blood oxygen

Oh God, they want us all to die

Bakery manager sacked for accepting cash

The US shouldn't win everything easily

Monzo: 'significant doubt' on ability to continue operating

The Rolex Explorer Ref. 14270 (everything)

Someone knew how to wear a mask

The world is not all negative at the moment

Well Done

The BlackTea

I Miss My Sharp Personal Organizer

Tall people are more at risk of catching coronavirus

COVID-19 has now killed more Americans than...

Apple everything

Everything is a cake

A One Dollar Coin

Taxing online purchases is pointless

Catton Condy by Hussalonia

12 years followed by 12 weeks

Why do so many people hide their real appearance?

AFCB: back where we belong?

Why do British people not like Donald Trump?

NRA Accidentally Forgets To Rise Up

One week a year...

TMBG Dial-A-Song since the 1980s

Kayleigh McEnany

Dimpy Bhalotia’s iPhone photos

Could your Fitbit or Apple Watch detect early COVID-19 symptoms?

In Event of Moon Disaster

Where Will Everyone Go?

You are not being asked to drown a puppy!

I drunk a coffee, in public!

The Long Road to The Porsche 911

iPhone 13 Pro concept

The HODINKEE Eight-Day Travel Clock

The Apple Watch and longevity

The Reon Pocket

Hostage siege ends...

Russia won the EU referendum for Boris, presumably...


Taking the Plunge

A simple fix for always feeling tired

Anyone would be better than Trump. Almost anyone...

Ireland's contact-tracing app success

Value is everything and nothing

How can we possibly trust them?

Love Is Medicine for Fear

Work is not just about ‘output’ but shared endeavour

1997: Apple and fashion

The P01

Apple Watch 6 could detect panic attacks

Your daughter's heart

Going back to the office for no good reason

Apple: A one-party state

The Ugly History of Beautiful Things: Lockets

The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT Limited Edition

35 days at sea and still testing positive?

The AirPods Pro won


'Jaw-dropping' global crash in children being born

The Garbage Watch

How dare you risk the lives of others so cavalierly

LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System

Restoring The Tudor That Took A Bullet In Vietnam

What happens if we continue to work from home?

Tortoise: slow journalism

Mudra Band

iOS 14 (why the big icons?)

Model homes

Joe Rogan on Watch Collectors

Lower cognitive ability linked to non-compliance with social distancing guidelines

Read more

Darth Trump

Wear a f*cking mask!


I turned it all off, it made no difference

The MARQ collection

The Seiko SNE545P1

FaceApp (spooky)

A Retro-Inspired Stopwatch

The distorted experience of time through the COVID-19 pandemic

Innovation: spitting out water

I am so glad I didn't buy a Speedmaster

One Webcam at a Time

I've never seen such beautiful 3D maps

A potential fitness solution for watch owners?

Quarantine has changed us

Double-signed watches / CEH and the Beta 21

A lighter lockdown feels like delaying the inevitable

A lighter lockdown feels like delaying the inevitable

Motorola AURA (2008)


D Bridge walk around

New Grand Seiko GMTs


The Great Lightbulb Conspiracy

The Complete Guide to Patek Philippe Vintage Chronographs


Joshua Williams

When design is a matter of life or death

Luxury brands aren’t giving up on smartwatches

Luxury brands aren’t giving up on smartwatches

IWC's Da Vinci through the Europa Star Archive

Colorised footage from 1929 of construction workers


Long May They Reign

Louis Vuitton casts doubt over $16bn Tiffany takeover

The Timex Metropolitan R

AirPods Pro vs Jaybird Vista

John F. Kennedy's Watch


Atget’s Paris, 100 Years Later

Pac-Man | Design Icons

Bulova offers more gimmicks

Inside Twitter’s Decision to Fact-Check Trump’s Tweets

Spiderman-inspired wearable sanitiser

Ressence & Sotheby's Design Competition's Winning Watch

A £339 anti-5G USB stick

The Tutima M2 Coastline Chronograph

Trying to buy a Nintendo Switch

Too Smart for Their Time

The ’80s watch is back

The Astronaut Wives

30 mm Chronometer by Erich Lexer

The realme Watch

The Dietrich Perception Watch

Elvis Presley’s Rolex

People Who Wear Watches Really Are Superior Humans

One week with the Oris Divers 65

Brands: Casio

The “resilience” issue

The Watch Mania!

Brands: Citizen

Apple whistleblower goes public

Brands: Bulova

Watches in 2030 and stepping stones

Collecting Handheld Computers

Brands: Grand Seiko

Brands: Seiko

What Happened When I Switched From Macs to Windows

When Money’$ Not Enough

Custom Apple Watch Bands

Oris Divers Sixty Five 733 7720 4054MB review (part three)

Oris Divers Sixty Five 733 7720 4054MB (part two: justification (again))

Watchmakers on the concept of time

Designer face masks

A3 pro quick review

Oris Divers Sixty Five 733 7720 4054MB (part 1: justification)

When I imagine the call, it comes on a landline...

The G-Shock GMWB5000CS-1

DIY Watch Kit

The World's smallest liquid "clock"

Are the MP3’s days numbered?

A new arrival

Cyber Watch® Case

The GBDH1000-1A7 Move... on

Imagining life after covid

Illegible Watches

Learning something new

Marloe Watch Company

Abyss: Read Later review

Never Ending Queue

Testing new apps

Apple Books for Authors

Where is watch design heading?

Pure Comedy

The Booming Covid-19 Vintage Watch Market

Why did the government ignore Apple and Google?

The AlpinerX Alive

The AlpinerX Alive

15 Old Computer Sounds...


Making Machines Come to Life

My Watch Story

HybridDrive: too good to be true?

The $2000 smartphone isn't sustainable

Make your own face mask

The new Quai des Bergues “Sursum Corda”

Apple Watch 6 features

MING 27.01

11 Cynical Truths About Life

The C60 Sapphire. Stunning!

The GA-2100-1AER is (was?) back in stock

Is the Huami Amazfit X Curved Smartwatch the future?

Apple Watch saved my life (x5)

The Tudor Black Bay 58. Perfect?

Panerai: I just don't get it


NHS rejects Apple-Google coronavirus app plan

Are the problems in the watch industry by design?

The Baume & Mercier Clifton Moon-Phase Date

Getting through lockdown with a 2006 iPod Nano

Does the city need to change?

5 years of the Apple Watch

A Rolex Flower Vase

25 Movies and the Magazine Stories That Inspired Them

Watches & Wonders (today)

Drink bleach, contact trace cancer and start smoking...

A Spiraling Museum for Audemars Piguet

Printing iPhone Photos Really Big

The Oris x Momotaro Divers Sixty-Five Special Edition

Time for some reading

Post-Covid-19 airline travel

A low cost 11 inch iPad?

Walter Mitt Royal Marine Diver (BL-BR) review

34 years with a GMT Rolex

Two free eBooks

Kirby: Art and Style Collection

Home is a Cup of Tea

We Have the Power to Destroy Ourselves

Rolex and the Date Window

38 days...

Watch Macro Photography

Educational Documentaries | Netflix

The Coros Vertix

Dalgona coffee

My Digital Generation 2.0

Northwest Africa 5000 Lunar Meteorite Slice

My Digital Generation

The Bulova A-15 Pilot Watch (a good Bulova)

Apple support isn't what it used to be

The 1954 Dodge Firearrow II concept car

The Nadir of Jaeger-LeCoultre and the Reverso

Baselworld is done...

Apple accessories

The iPhone SE is back

The Buren MinStop

The early days of home computing

A Rare Prototype of the First Apple Watch


What Is ‘Time Blindness’?

Obama in 2014 / Trump is a dick / Sport is still on

Casio's GBDH1000-1A7

Apple and Google vs Covid-19


An iOS 14 concept

The Apple Watch Solar Face

The [Re]Master01


Magazine publishers fear a drop

Rolex, Tudor, And Patek Philippe Will Postpone 2020

Nikon School Online goes free throughout April

The Effect Of Gerald Genta

A World Shaped by Pandemic

The NH Type 1C and NH Type 2A

A potential alternative to Zoom

How Musicians Are Bringing Joy During the Pandemic

The Untold Story of the N95 Mask

Monitor your collection for (almost) free

5G conspiracies

Sistem51 Small Seconds

Look at paintings

The Liquor Store Watch

25 long reads

Omega Sunglasses

How to buy a computer (in 1983)

The Charge 4 is already outdated

An Interview With Jupp Philipp

Astrophysicist gets magnets stuck up nose while inventing coronavirus device

The Seiko SARB035 does not disappoint

Batavi Kosmopoliet GMT

HONOR Band 5

COVID-19 is grim

Don't buy a Fears


Tech where you don't expect it

Tech where you don't expect it


The Rotary Heritage Titanium Automatic GS05249/04

I try not to think about it, but…

Six free months of Apple News+ (on EE)

Baby Grand Seiko Battle

Comfort films to watch while self-isolating

SEGA Arcade: Pop-Up History

The Bulova A-15 Pilot Watch

The comprehensive guide to the coronavirus

The Milus Snow Star

ana tomy

The Jaquet Droz Loving Butterfly Automaton

The Fossil Sport- £89!

Why have one Daniels when you can have two?

The Prompt. aka the anti-watch

Trump's mismanagement...

Hyundai's Prophecy concept EV

The Bulova Chronograph A 'Surfboard'

The Seiko SNR047 & SRQ033

Scientists were close to a coronavirus vaccine years ago... and then money

Apple warns coronavirus has caused shortages

QP magazine closes for good

BMW’s new flat logo

Man throws £10,000 Rolex onto Subway roof...

The 1926 At'sea

How does Coronavirus compare to Ebola, SARS, etc?

Phil Toledano

How Apollo 13's near disastrous mission is relevant today

Watch brands could learn from Apple

Barclay v Barclay

Nature always finds a way...



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Apple now sells more watches than the entire Swiss watch industry

Apple now sells more watches than the entire Swiss watch industry

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Love the Apple Watch, sold the Apple Watch, stopped all tracking

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The Apple Watch is so good I need to sell it

The Apple Watch is so good I need to sell it