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The Khonsu Clock Lamp

Why the iPad mini 6 is (not) the perfect e-reader

The UK government's Brexit contract

The last Canon DSLR

The fuse is blowing

When a watch wants to look like a smartwatch. The Verax 420 V01.01 Meca-Quartz Chronograph

Is the Kindle Paperwhite 2021 (11th generation) worth the money?

'I bet you were a brilliant Dad'

Taking notes

On Cloudflow (Rust | Eclipse) review

1 in 4 Britons ‘not confident NHS can care for them’. It should be 4 in 4.

There is 'nothing' wrong with Love Actually

When your fake iPhone app reviews go wrong (Widgetarium)

Apple needs to drop the Lightning cable

JABRA Elite 45h Wireless Bluetooth Headphones review

Joplin: notes, tasks and almost anything else

Bringing excitement back to the smartphone

Christmas Day on a covid ward

You have to create a dream

Is your IQ defined by your parents?


Why is everybody becoming so entitled?

Why You Should Use Apple Maps (you shouldn't)

We are not even close to seeing the worst of Brexit

Is Omicron the Beginning of the End?

'There's no moment of silence'

McGST Podcast Episode 85 (Merry Christmas)

Millennials vs Boomers vs Covid

Walking May Be Just As Good For Your Heart As Running

Apple's AirTag problem

Early Smartwatch Attempts that were 'not' dumb

The Patek Philippe Advanced Research 5750 Minute Repeater

Why Omicron Is Suddenly Everywhere

Anti-5G necklaces found to be radioactive

iPhone tip #4: enable Back Tap

Download your Twitter archive

TickTock - a really weird phone (clock) thing

iPhone tip #3: hide your email

Man investigating government parties during lockdown to quit because he had a party during lockdown

Obsessed with driving fast

iPhone tip #2: check app privacy reports

Incredibly Detailed Wooden Models of Iconic and Vintage Cameras

iPhone tip #1: how to use Apple Digital Legacy

The Twelve South Hoverbar Duo

A father’s son

Oppo Find N. The first decent folding phone?

90s Websites That Still Exist

The Objet TV

Marvis Pro (Apple Music how you like it)

A transparent fish

A culture of endless blame and zero fallibility

Radio from anywhere in the world with a click

McGST Podcast Episode 84 (are we storing up tech health problems for the future?)

Keep This to Yourself

I'm off in my shopping time machine back to the mid 80s

What our dogs think about love, lust and laughter

Do we have free will?

Is your smartphone camera lying to you?

Trans swimmer Lia Thomas smashes two US women’s records

TV is on the way out

Springboard: the secret history of the first real smartphone

If Johnson stays after this, I give up

Limit the iPhone 13 Pro refresh rate (dizziness)

Google Pixel Watch renders


The Great Escape

The World's End

Dropping back

I Miss it All

Nefarico™ Chalet

27 asylum seekers drowning reacted to with laughing emojis

It's a job. I'm a cog.

Bees are cleverer than some humans

The Wild West Days of Phone Design

The TESLA ELECTRO iPhone 13 Pro

The bad guys are winning

Apple Ring Concept

Overwhelming support for masks

BENYAR Elegant watch review


The $100,000 Supreme

The Biro

Their 6th year of dinner together

The Tesla Model Y is flawed

The UX of LEGO

Talk to someone

Nintendo Ring Fit: 18 months later my shoulder is still bust

The Geometry of Grief

Consumption of coffee and tea and risk of developing stroke, dementia, and poststroke dementia

The Lightless Sky

A recovered watch obsessive

Thoughts on the Oculus 2

Did We Underestimate The First Known Outbreak of Bubonic Plague?

It claimed to be Xerxes and then Jesus got involved

'Most people in the NHS, they are sad'

Wear OS now in striking distance of Apple

A recovering smartwatch owner...

Twist your hand around

Ditch the small talk

Employee Hacks His Job, Gets Paid To Do Nothing For 5 Years

The rot set in...

McGST Podcast Episode 83 (mandatory vaccines, Kyle Rittenhouse, immigration and misinformation)

The COSMO E-Guitar

March with midwives

Locked Out of ‘God Mode’

Tesla drivers left unable to start their cars

This is the Nadine Dorries who...

The CZ Smart Hybrid

The Razer Zephyr Wearable Air Purifier

Daydreaming and distraction are normal

Custom Styles

When two hearts become one

Withings ScanWatch review

Mixed feelings about Peterson

It is a three dose vaccine

Apple’s Self Service Repair Program

Qualcomm’s answer to Apple Silicon is coming... at some point

BBC Micro Elite source code

Unexpected Truth

Quartz is being squeezed and Fossil is truly f*cked

Impressions of the pine64 PineTime smartwatch

COP26: just words…

Revealing the truth about Jimmy Savile

Young viewers prefer TV subtitles

You haven't done this! Why have you not done this? Hello! Answer me! Do it now!!! (Apple Watch)

1970's vintage Omega is the best value in the watch world today

St. Jude Hoards Billions


If you’re willing to walk among us unvaccinated, you are an enemy

The worst and best Bohemian Rhapsody covers

Working from home doesn't have to mean living at work

The future of clothing is tech

Brexit affects everyone, even peers

The Tudor Pelagos FXD. The watch of the year...

The Plain Text Project

Cosmo Communicator review

“I’m off to bed”

MagSafe is magnificent

How to photograph the moon on your phone

The Masculinity of Doing the Least

M1 MacBook Pro Memory Leaks

CHF 9.5 Million for a clock

How Luggage is Loaded Into an Airplane

Electric classic car conversions

Photographing the Caves of the Yucatan

The WHOOP 4.0 is reaching too far

A Death Full of Life


One month with the iPhone 13 Pro

Not A Joke, Nor A Joker, Definitely Not Trivial

The Toyota Orient Puma All Weather Type II

Maybe not all tech is bad for the environment

King Johnson

Amazon Basics Gaming Computer Desk

Could a Brexiteer I met solve the climate crisis?

The Mystery Hour Board Game review: it could save your Christmas


The Strange Drop in American Body Temperatures Over The Past 200 Years

McGST Podcast Episode 82 (The menopause, the manopause and men's mental health)

How Long Do iPhones Last?

The Best Photography Smartphones in 2021

Under The Influence

Are e-cigarettes safe?

You cannot pray away the gay

A Facebook watch? No thanks. Any Facebook hardware product? No thanks

The Continuum

The true 'cost' of electric vehicles?

What record player should I buy?

The The G-Shock Titanium Virtual Warriors

Oura Ring Generation 3

iPhone 14 : Trailer

Reading nook ideas

Smartwatch wars: Apple Watch beating Garmin

Sony launches the Xperia PRO-I

The one shot that changed everything

Rich Image, Poor Image

Smartwatch Wars: The fenix 6 Pro finally beat the Apple Watch

This high-stakes showdown involved music mogul Jimmy Iovine and rock star Bono of U2

The Motocompo XL bike concept

iPhone 13 Pro Leather Case with MagSafe review (part 2: after 2 weeks)

20 years of the iPod (a prototype)

A new NHS crisis

hothouse gullibility flowers

Is This Why the Apple Watch Series 7 Was Delayed?

The draft Online Safety Bill

The original 1851 reviews of Moby-Dick

Technology is being used to drive centralised control methods for both companies and countries

The last days inside Trailer 83

Amazon 4-star. What is it designed to do?

Polishing Cloth not connected (and out of stock)


"I think we generally feel that people don't see us as humans."

Customising a Garmin fenix 6 Pro bezel

Self-indulgent in the extreme

The PowerPic mod Wireless Charger

The Apple Polishing Cloth

McGST Podcast Episode 81 (we have learned nothing / we have no margins)

It's like we lost all the margin in our lives, and there's no time to be creative and enjoy the ride.

Making the Laptop Commonplace

The McGST Playlist

The first iPhone camera that feels like a real camera

What is the point of 5G?

New AirPods and MacBook Pros (woah!)

Amazon Plans 'Reimagined' Kindle Experience. I imagine much more...

The Queen is irritated. She has no right to be

Secondhand Markets Out Of Control

Author Clock

An iterative release could put even more people off

The Death of Ronald McDonald

Airless Tires

The Garmin fenix 6 Pro: a watch should just be worn

Suspiciously long raincoats

Apple is normalising surveillance

Apple Watch Series 7 review(s)

Do They Know It's Christmas Yet?: They took a trip back to 1984 and broke it.

This is the story of my dad's junkyard jet

Nightmare Tech Fails

Is Apple making a Switch style gaming console?

Zepp releases the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro, GTR 3 and GTS 3

The Technos Sky Diver: liquid...

McGST Winter 2021 Survey Results


Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen

McGST Podcast Episode 80 (Scared of going to work)

iPad mini + iPhone 13 Pro > Galaxy Fold

There's a new iPhone in my camera

The entire Apple Watch series 7 launch feels rushed, screwed up and verging on deceptive...

Apple's lower TCO and huge satisfaction

Destroying an anti-vaxxer’s argument in six words

McGST Survey - Winter 2021

Content overload

scapegoat /?ske?p???t/ noun: scapegoat;

Can you really disappear from the internet?

When fascism/totalitarianism comes to Britain...

Watches: are they just black and white?

The slow death of the retail game store, and everything else

The HC1 TRAVEL TRAILER: happier camping

iPhone 13 Pro Leather Case with MagSafe review

Apple's biggest disaster

"You're an Eton millionaire who doesn't care about disabled people."

You can order the Apple Watch 6.5 from Friday

Is 5G worth the battery?

Is online or local photo storage the way forward?

Berlin U-Bahn Architecture & Design Map

Probably the worst thing I have ever heard a political leader say

iPhone 13: better than you think!

Not just a mug

iPhone 13 Pro: conclusion

Apple Watch series 7 coming next week?

Korea's China Collapse

It’s not Brexit, it’s bad attitude

iPhone 13 Pro: day 3

LEGO® White Noise

Nothing about freedom turned out as he expected

What was your first mobile phone?

iPhone 13 Pro: day 2

The ScanWatch Horizon: when two worlds collide

“The Shape” superyacht

iPhone 13 Pro: day 1

Apple Watch fitness rings are a pain, or are they?

Apple Maps: Sneaking up on the opposition?

The Fratello x Nomos Zürich Weltzeit


Is the future for work e-ink?

iPhone 13: A Filmmaker's Review

Scotland in pictures

Pagrne Design PG 1670 review

They wore masks, the owner asked them to leave

'I strongly recommend not upgrading...'

An Uber is worse for the climate than driving in your own car

McGST Podcast Episode 79 (Johnson's time is running out)

Project Fear

Who needs folders?

iPhone compatibility in years (insane!)

'The worst cold ever'

Pros and cons of the TAG Heuer Connected Bright Black Edition

McGST Podcast Episode 78 (the iPhone 13 isn't bad, but the iPhone 11 is too good)

How much more better can the world absorb?

Mind bent

Remembering the Palm Centro

Consoles of the '70s

Everything You Need to Know About the Camera Market In One Camera

The iPhone has a notch?

Cosplay and watch wearing

Exploited by apps. Attacked by thieves. Unprotected by police.

Thank you Sir Clive

A New Nurse Struggles / Sorry Antivaxxer

Just a seahorse

Apple’s World Time watch face is a triumph

URBAN ARMOR GEAR UAG Apple Watch Silicone Band review

Recovering lost software

The UK’s Online Safety Bill

Emma Raducanu is about to discover she can’t win

The return of imperial weights and measures

The iPhone 13 and new iPad mini

Shift happens

A Kindle user interface overhaul

Did Apple just announce their plan B?

Too much screen time may not be so bad

McGST Podcast Episode 77 (Talking to a teenager in 2021: part 2)

Is Apple about to kill the Apple ‘Watch’?

What’s the next big technological epoch?

Pong decoded

McGST Podcast Episode 76 (Talking to a teenager in 2021)

Before you die...

Tech Support People Are Sharing The Worst Cases They’ve Seen

The Ikepod Seapod

If it’s broke, fix it. If it needs to be better, upgrade it.

Fake Facebook ads for fake products

Ads of the Past That Would be BANNED Today

AirPods and AirPods Pro: delightful

URBAN ARMOR GEAR Active Apple Watch strap review

Internet apocalypse


California Streaming

Snapshot Case for AirPods Pro and AirTag

Wallets Are Over

The Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk1: cooler than most other cars on the road?

iPod Classic 2021 (a compromise?)

McGST Podcast Episode 75 (Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit...)

Why are hyperlinks blue?

WFH coming to an end

The Citizen CZ Smartwatch was a quick shortcut for the brand, and it has failed


I am ashamed to live in a nation that elected this government

The Polaroid Now+

Apple Watch series 7: a tiny massive difference

"iWatch Will Prove Apple As A Luxury Brand" (2014)

6-in-1 USB-C Hub for iMac 24?

How the Microwave Was Invented by Accident

The Shadowy Business of International Education

When tough trees meet hot fires

ABBA Voyage

The Bulgari Aluminium GMT

Clockology. Why?

‘The destruction of tradition has been a disaster to the moral order of the world.’

StayGo mini

The Apple Watch is SO FAR ahead of the competition

The end of phone calls

Uglier Than A Fiat Multipla

The Amazfit Stratos 3. Is it really £400 worse than the Garmin fenix 6?

Pac-Man banned

Comforting Sounds


Say LEO to the iPhone 13

Social media firms and passports or biometrics like fingerprints

HUAWEI GT 2 Pro review (part 2)

Can America’s Fastest Supercomputer Defeat Covid for Good?

It's hard trying to be rational

Panasonic's guide to killing a product quickly

Lance Barr retires

The charge 5 actually looks good

Stuff That Works

“UK border challenges”

HUAWEI GT 2 Pro review (part 1)

The value of something

Hospitals and Insurers

Google dismantles Health unit, here we go again.


What exactly is a 'beater' watch?

Hiding tech in everyday objects

My Journey into QAnon

The Segway did not change the world

The Titanic’s Final Hours

How is the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro possible?

This Is How We Live With Coronavirus

Scottish government considers making coronavirus powers permanent

A different version of you exists

Retro mobile done right (Retromobe)

Charging for tuition is illegal in Finland

America’s Rising Rage

The Instrumentum ref. 1020

The one step ladder

Sean Lock

We tried reaching out to Apple a total of 9 times last week, with no success

Birds of Paradise

I could not just sit there

Psion User (Winter 98/99)

A post about client sexual harassment

My listening devices scare me

Go North, Be a Man!

We have more than five senses

Ifan originally bought 5,000 empty bottles

The Apple One

"On the order of 30 known child pornographic images..."

The Fears Archival 1930

Don't shrink the AirPods too much!

Samsung ditches iOS support for the Galaxy Watch

Postcard from Chile arrives in Dorset after 30 years

McGST Podcast Episode 74 (Fweedon Fighting Uneducated Maskless Working From Home People)

Led by Corrupt Donkeys

The Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

What if we replace almost all tactile objects?

Satechi Aluminum Stand and Hub for iPad

Wacky Moments from Olympic Games Past

Computing replaced everything

macOS Mammoth

Apple only needs to improve one Apple Watch feature and in a big way

The Ancient Olympic Computer


The government's climate spokesperson is holding on to her diesel car

Turn an AAA battery into an AA battery instantly

John Amaechi speaks

The Apple Watch is getting squarer

Have our eyes finally opened to tech intrusion?

Time for your compulsory home camera installation

We need more Alfreds

A round Apple Watch with unlimited faces?

$649 Dyson Fan vs. $15 Walmart Fan

The Trump Card

Apple planning to scan U.S. iPhones for child abuse imagery (surely not!)

McGST Episode 73 (is competition good or bad?)

The problem is not that our politicians are more devious but that we have stopped caring

How The Left Wrist Became The Right Wrist

How does this person get through the day?

What if the Olympic Games never come back?

Why Everyone is Shouting and No One is Talking

McGST Podcast Episode 72 (Can only men and women compete in the Olympics?)

AirPods Pro still making me dizzy...

Lamborghini Huracan Testing

The Tissot Seastar 2000 Professional

1 in 100,000 will die...

Rubik’s Connected

How tattoos can heal the mind

Mac OS To-Go. What if?

The OnePlus Concept One Watch


Smartwatch Wars Part Three: It’s like moving from an iPhone to an iPod


The HUAWEI Band 6 is surprisingly good

Anyone can be brought to their knees by mental health

Nothing Ear(1) Review

A surge in donations to the RNLI

If Simone Biles had a leg injury it would all be fine…

Is it time for Apple to ditch the lightning cable?

Hosting and comments

From typewriter to MacBook: progress...

Future PLC’s e-commerce business boom

Online ID / age verification

Apple reports $21.7B Profit on $81.4B Revenue: is that good for consumers?

Hope For Paws

Has Carl Pei come up with an AirPods Pro rival?

What future products make perfect sense to build? A folding Kindle and iPad? A 4G Garmin?

They Might Be Giants (the app)

?It's not fun to play with the DMCA?

The Commodore PET smartphone

Smartwatch Wars Part Two: Garmin Instinct Solar vs Casio G-Shock (any of them)

McGST Podcast Episode 71 (Marriage, brands, pay rises and being woke)

We have the worst UK government in history

No one will notice your watch, absolutely no one.

Day of Rage: please never let someone like this be President again

2021 iPhone Photography Awards

Somebody To Love - Live in Montreal. Beyond perfect?

Smartwatch Wars Part One: Garmin Instinct Solar vs Apple Watch series 6

Playdate soon to be available for pre-order

Don't punish the liar, punish the person highlighting the lies

I’m sorry, but it’s too late

McGST Podcast Episode 70 (my Apple Watch instinct)

McGST Podcast Episode 69 (freedom day!?!)

Volume control UI gone wrong

Owner of WordPress buys Pocket Casts

adidas Originals Superstar (in LEGO)

Freedom Phone: what a bunch of ***'s

Why aliens don't talk to us

McGST Podcast Episode 68 (a potentially unfathomable nightmare)

Pop music’s greatest year?

Some retailers never learn...

He hated this park

Your contact list is spilling over to the Internet

The Cosmo Communicator

Fall Asleep In Minutes

Queen's Greatest Hits (40 years later)

How I escaped Japan in a box

Inside Big Tech’s war for your privacy

Top 50 cover versions of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’

The TAG Heuer Mario Connected Watch

The English football team vs the British government

McGST Podcast Episode 67 (the nocebo effect)

You can literally buy nothing for £659

Site update, masks (again) and the beautiful game

Spigen Lite Fit: the best Apple Watch strap I have worn

A $24-million miniature version of Canada

Should Apple bring back the classic iPod?

Our understanding of "long COVID"

McGST Podcast Episode 66 (personal irresponsibility)

Why I'm Never Tired

From f*cking useless to f*cking dangerous

Casioak mini (GMA-S2100-7AER) review

Concern about hybrid work models

Is the Apple Watch close to being a small iPhone?

Not everyone in the UK is horrible

The macOS Big Sur handheld

This could be a bad year for Apple Watch developments

Immediately disconnect your My Book Live device

McGST Podcast Episode 65 (the last one)

Here come the crazies

Apple TV 4K vs Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD

What's the difference between Boris Johnson and Kim Jong-un?

Quick update

WorkOutDoors: a transformative Apple Watch app

Nothing could prepare me for the online war

The mixed up world of podcast subscriptions

Leica makes a phone iPhone owners will look twice at

English Exceptionalism

Good luck boys

The Apple Clock

Totally f*cking hopeless

Apple doesn't always know what we want

When the workers fight back

What your resting heart rate says about you

Dear England

You Do Not Live in Apple’s World

If Naomi Osaka had a stutter it would all be fine...

McGST Podcast Episode 64 (Are we living in the Hunger Games?)

Opt out, if you can

Podcasts you should be listening to

Watching Eurovision feels like being on another planet

Tech companies don’t understand watch design

Apple announces Lossless Audio that you cannot play on wireless Apple devices

What should we reasonably expect from Apple?

McGST Podcast Episode 63 (Amazon'd, are we stuck and being the parents of adults)

37 years Rolex owner testimony with Andrew St Pierre White

When companies decide to work from home for good

What It Was Like to Sell Apps Online in 2003

Humans of New York

iOS (Dynamo): understand your iPhone battery status instantly

McGST Podcast Episode 62 (The need to create)



$89.6 billion

Buy the product, not the idea

Don’t ever buy an Apple Watch strap again

AmazFit Neo review

How good is the iPad Air?

The Vintage Rolex Datejust: think big

The Casio Calculator Watch: a ‘huge’ dose of nostalgia

Why people do not move from the iPhone?

McGST Podcast Episode 61 (Royalty, psychopaths and God)

How we are taught to measure success is so wrong

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Quadriptyque: this is why analogue trumps digital

McGST Podcast Episode 60 (Why fix something if I won't get credit for it?)

McGST Podcast Episode 59 (Do any of us really care about climate change?)

McGST Podcast Episode 58 (You name it, we talked about it)

Worldwide smart personal audio and wearable shipments and growth Q4 2020

The "endless diversity" of America

The Breitling x Deus Ex Machina

Schoolbuys forced to turn to a girl and say sorry for the "behaviours of their gender"


The Ciclotte Bike

Apple Offers Employees Paid Time Off to Get Vaccinated???

The Apple Pocket Watch

Why did the big boat get stuck?

McGST Podcast Episode 57 (What is music? Part 3. With Tom Munch)

Monitored via webcam for home-working ‘infractions’

Why cassette tape sales doubled during the pandemic


Musicians are in peril

The Raketa “Avant-Garde” Limited Edition

Update Your iPhone Right Now

The apps you use

The 10-piece Death Star Ultimate Collector Set

Literary Clock Made From E-reader

What is the best digital note taker?

No lie off limits for Boris Johnson

The Persistence of Memory

Window lights / light windows

How Leonard Cohen Lived Between The Hour And The Age

That was truly .......... Weird ?

QOTD: What are your preferred apps?

"People need relationships"

Time To Go Home


One month with the Christopher Ward C65 Trident GMT (black)

Why do we love Retro-Looking Games?

Reading on iPad vs Kindle

The Bandit9 Jaeger

McGST Podcast Episode 56 (Questions #5)

"It was the place to get that Willy Wonka feeling"

The great Super Bowl rings heist

The Christopher Ward C65 Chronograph

iPhone Flip

'Trapped' by the iPhone

Super Nintendo World: can it really work?

Sublet your home broadband

why windows' taskbar beats osx' dock (2011)

I don't trust Windows' stability

The SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive Luxe for iPhone and USB Type-C

The Bulova Oceanographer Snorkel 666

Windows 10 is as cold and unemotional as ever

Has everyone forgotten how film photography works?

A wearable air conditioner

Squarespace: a $10 billion valuation

Bonfire Diving in Anilao

iOS (Old School) icon set

The Twelve South SurfacePad gets better the more it breaks

A Hacker Got All My Texts for $16

Retrofuturism: The Future That Never Came

A controversial web snooping tool

The Standsome Double Crafted

Samsung — The Frame: it's in the detail

Homeschooled pupil 'in limbo'

From watch to Apple Watch and back to watch

Hybrid Work

Red phone boxes on sale for £1 each

The Accutron Legacy


Dog owner who tied heavy rock to pet and threw it into river fined £80

Apple TV+ orders 'The Jet'

Should you charge your phone overnight?

McGST Podcast Episode 55 (#notallmen)

Sick From COVID-19 For Almost A Year

The iPad StudioDock

Watch tattoos

McGST Podcast Episode 54 (What makes a mechanical watch so special?)

I play digital music through my 1949 radio

How Facebook got addicted to spreading misinformation

Timedash Widge?t

McGST Podcast Episode 53 (What makes the not so special Apple Watch special?)

The international sign for Help me


Shortcuts Catalog

McGST Podcast Episode 52 (What makes the Kindle so special?)

Montblanc High Artistry

The old Google Pay is going away

The Boox Nova 3 Color

McGST Podcast Episode 51 (What makes the iPhone so special?)

Watch this!

This Is the Worst Camera Canon Has Ever Made

Should've Been You

McGST Podcast Episode 50 (bullies, governments, cats and dogs)

QOTD: How did you get through the past year?

This is everyone's printer experience

Inside the ‘Covid Triangle’

Is the Casio MRW-200H the best value watch in the world?

OCD Is Not a Joke

Buy & Sell Tweets

The Health Concerns in Wearable Tech

The Photos app needs to quit

Power your iPhone and Apple Watch inside a mini Mac

SnapWatch (flexible LED included)

xigxag: cheaper audiobooks

Apple's 'Hearing Study' early indicators are worrying

Russia's Monster Submarines

The Tissot PRX automatic is coming

Transferring iCloud Photos and Videos to Google Photos courtesy of Apple

The Fall and Rise of Zenith

Pay Your Way In Pain

Apple Card disabled iCloud, App Store and Apple ID accounts - not quite as it seems

New EU Right To Repair laws

Do not spend £1,900 on this

McGST Podcast Episode 49 (My Princess)

Queen: Rock Tour

Guy Who "Can't Draw" is Actually a Genius

The TTMAC77: the record player you always wanted

McGST Podcast Episode 48 (citizenship, healthcare and digitised analogue tasks)

Voices of long Covid

A Vancouver Island octopus wrestler's Rolex

The Heritage Memphis Lady

Deep Nostalgia: creepy, but...

QOTD: What's the oldest piece of tech you still use today?

The history of Snake

An unbreakable SSD?

£140 for 50g of chocolate!

Inside Xinjiang’s Prison State

The search for the perfect watch had to end somewhere

NHS GP practice passes into hands of US health insurer

Zoom fatigue

“Dr. Lecter, My Name Is Clarice Starling”

Twitter to launch paid 'super follow' function

Apple goes creepy

Was Christmas worth this?

Sans Forgetica: a font to remember

Patented: 1,000 Design Patents

Mr. Potato Head Doesn’t Go Gender Neutral After All

Apple's M1 Mac

The £79 Motorola phone

The vaccine may help long Covid sufferers

The Top Time Deus Limited Edition

How the Boeing 737 Max Disaster Looks to a Software Developer

How Many Years in a Leap Year?

Draw an iceberg and see how it will float

Would there be a watch industry without Rolex?

The Super Nintendo Switch

The watch industry summed up in 1 minute

The Hyundai Ioniq 5: a real concept car

A different kind of fitness tracker

Sathnam Sangher?a discusses Empireland

The $2,800 Foldable 'Mate X2' Smartphone

15/05/21 120 days to inactivity

McGST Podcast Episode 47 (Relationships, sex and being suitable)

I miss seeing random strangers do random things

Bugs in M1 Macs

Omega in the 1970's

It’s not the object, it’s where it has been and who it was with

The Mars Rover has less computing power than the original Apple Watch

Xiaomi has fingers in hundreds of pies

Is Rolex a symbol of everything that is wrong with 2021?

'No jab, no job' policies may be legal

Bruce Blackburn dies

My Other Car is a Beatle

Is a foldable iPad coming?

The PocketBook InkPad (colour e-ink is here)

ClockClock 9

Apple News+ free for 6 months

The best mashup of all time?

McGST Podcast Episode 46 (vaccine passports)

The Focal Radiance

The Best Funny Talking Animals

Christopher Ward C65 Trident GMT (Black) first impressions

An hour with Apple's support team

The Garmin Enduro

McGST Podcast Episode 45 (being British, 4 out 0f 100,000 and small vs big)

The Facebook Watch

Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium review

We’re trading with the world. It’s a fantasy


Is Apple looking down upon a slippery slope?

Damien Boyd / DI Nick Dixon

The Vinegar Valentine

Is Leica the Rolex of cameras?

Hygiene Theater Is Still a Huge Waste of Time

How ridiculous can you get?

The best spam email ever?

The Ultimate Bed

Saving money...

He Said He Was Asleep At The Time Of His Wife's Murder

Let the little guy know...


All Watches Should Be Unisex

Netflix: We’re updating our prices – here’s why

NHS Has Been 'Nothing Special'

McGST Podcast Episode 44 (Scared to go out?)

Apple AirPod in his chest...

reMarkable 2

The unstoppable rise of Amazon

Apple Inspired Dreams

Nikon Closes Two Japanese Camera Lens Factories

Tissot PRX review

The Swiss Alp Final Upgrade

Apple's $3.6 billion deal with Kia

McGST Podcast Episode 43 (Tomorrow will be a better day)

And so it continues...

Music System Home Generation 2

Tissot's PRX

Been together for 67 years

Mi Air Charge Technology


Eight more C-Types

Tesla Model S refreshed


The 10th Anniversary of the iPad (the Windows Team perspective)

A subreddit (wall street bets) taking down a multi-billion dollar hedge fund

Why iPhone is today’s Kodak Brownie Camera

Amazon Halo review

He must go

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