Sitemap - 2022 - McGST

I finally got the Hamilton Murph

PCalc, An Origin Story

Apple in a nutshell

How will the young survive in the UK in 2022?

AURA Strap 2 for Apple Watch

It is Elon's Twitter, not ours

This should be our Christmas number one

A wet Winter evening in London (1929)

Logitech’s new iPad keyboard and stylus

Banning cigarettes for future generations

People cling to their hates so stubbornly

The Apple Watch Ultra two and a half months later

Find your nearest warm bank!

Best Christmas Ad Ever

The Abacus Watch: time telling from 2400 B.C.

When politics means nothing at all

Segmented Displays

At what point does discourse become punishment?

The British Army's secret information warfare machine

An alternative Christmas advert based on reality


Does Apple News need the +?

A young cashier in a WH Smith's kiosk at York Railway station in December 1948

Kindle Scribe review (wonderful, but you cannot even backup your notes) UPDATE: maybe you can, sort of?

How many Kindle Scribes are breaking?

The reality of Brexit is biting hard

Real Watch Fans like the Apple Watch Ultra

Kindle Scribe First Impressions

The Endeavour Centre Seconds Vantablack

Trying to forget face masks

What is the story?

Good Night Oppy

The demise of key changes

Is the iPhone perfect?

A new iPhone case: $10,000

565 Palm Pilot apps in your browser

Physical privacy matters

Clinging on to old tech

Social networks can be controlled by any one person

Now we realise why we love Twitter

Quake on Apple Watch

A new 5 foot LEGO model

It was so worth it

How many people were on earth on the day you were born?

The Grand Seiko Omiwatari SBGY013 Spring Drive

When phones designers went crazy

The LEGO Story

How Timex watches became fashionable again

The life cycle of a monarch butterfly

When you browse and buy in person, paragraph and place are joined forever

Young lives are being destroyed

slow roads: endless driving zen

Tidbyt: Personal Pixel Display

A wearable hug

Forté for Apple Watch review

Get debunking, people.

Verification = subscription

The Crinkle Paper X CLOCK

The Seiko TV Watch

From Tum to Mum

Read your daily news in 5 minutes

The Mecascape ‘Sublimation One’

The genius of the Apple Watch strap system

Time to say goodbye to the fax machine

Then hoofprints appeared in the sand...

Caviar’s Rolex Daytona iPhone 14 Pro?

‘We’re packed in like battery hens. I was told off for leaning’

Custom Styles

Welcome To The Circus (We’ve Got Bots & Sockpuppets!)

Come on Apple, stop taking the p*ss!

Just walking in the rain... and the wind and the snow

The Tories won’t recover until they face up to the disaster of Brexit

Are Smartwatches Just A Temporary Thing?

Titanium Edition - Apple Watch Ultra Band

“Freedom of speech” but not “Freedom of reach.”

The Death Artist

Rogues: True Stories of Grifters, Killers, Rebels and Crooks

Why measuring heart-rate variability is important

EPTAORA: the 7 segment clock

Will Apple's money grab backfire?

Custom Styles

We used to get excited about technology

A two-in-one monitor

Custom Styles

Success isn't linear

21 years of the iPod

When you lose weight, where does the fat go?

MagSafe is more than just a magnet

Apple Notes does a LOT


Classic Computers Papercraft Collection

The Hamilton Railroad Pocket Watch

McGST Podcast Episode 96 (the nasty party)

McGST Podcast Episode 96 (the nasty party)

Why It's Hard to Switch From a Mac to a Windows Laptop

These perspectives are what separate us as voters

Crazy AirPods Pro 2 competitors

The fall of the British pound

Everyone going to the World Cup must have this app

Labeg Series – MS0020

The Amazfit Falcon is taking aim at Garmin, and possibly Apple

Face It Alone

Joy, hope and positivity

Madman Economics

Joe Rogan interviews Steve Jobs

Add MagSafe to your pre-iPhone 12 iPhone

Apple to Mark iPhone 5c as Obsolete


Submersible GMT Carbotech™ Navy SEALs

The iPhone 14 rollercoaster non-emergency

The Google Pixel Watch (Fitbit is dead)

Does the Apple Watch Ultra make you look like Ben 10?

Why You Can’t Tickle Yourself

Surveillance State

Airbnb Host 'Sued By Guests' As Her Disability Traumatised Them

McGST Podcast Episode 95 (living with empty nest syndrome in a failing United Kingdom with a cockapoo)

McGST Podcast Episode 95 (living with empty nest syndrome in a failing United Kingdom with a cockapoo)

A watch is not a smart watch. The value argument is irrelevant.

Apple Watch Ultra Review

Samsung phones are Blowing Up

Mental health in the UK is about to get worse

The Kindle Scribe

Why Printers Are So Terrible

The Apple Watch Ultra is a terrible watch design

The Disappearing Art Of Maintenance

The time for action is now

Apple Pay vs Google Pay

The Master Putter-Together


A shed, a tragedy

Is the iPhone camera better than a real camera for 99% of people?

What is Apple doing with the Apple Watch? Not a lot…

The Mark Ronson touch

The greatest thing that ever happened is happening right now

Would you wear a toilet seat on your wrist?

Apple Knows We’re All Going To Die

Far more of us could be working from home by 1981

When Apple commentators go blind...

The iPhone Isn't Cool

Loss comes in many different forms

Thank you

The Apple Watch Ultra, iPhone 14 Pro and new AirPods Pro

The always-on iPhone

Two days left...

A Brief Timeline Of The Wristwatch

Nailing Brexit

Scams everywhere

Looking, and listening, back...


Logo Beginnings


God said his congregation should buy him a luxury watch

Where we are...

Design the next iPhone

What dictates eBook pricing?

This is not just any smartwatch, it's an M&S piece of crap smartwatch


11TB Portable External Hard Drive for £75 (scam?)

Learning from every iPhone

The Sony Wena 3


Electric Cargo Bike KBO Ranger

Beaten up watches can look better

Memory, mental health, and physical activity

The UK 'will' descend into anarchy this Winter if nothing is done very soon

The Dream Desk Setup

Pay to avoid adverts then pay more to avoid adverts. No thanks...

Don't Reply to iPhone Thieves

The guy on the right...

Oh Sandy...

Fitbit ending support for PC music file transfers

A left-out generation that will never recover from the scars

Why the Days Seem Shorter as We Get Older

The world's smallest functioning coffee machine

A ‘not quite working properly’ watch can beat them all

The HySpeed sneaker

Is Apple scaring the auto industry?

Thoughts and prayers

Things have never been better

Notable People

Atari® 2600 in LEGO

The Unplugged Phone

Infinite Stories


The Sunlit Meadows

Heart Be Still

Why you hate you in photos

A regretted $46k Website Redesign

Spooks, treasure hunters, and lawyers search for cash, gold, and antiquities

The Museum of Failure

Is the iPhone the best value smartphone?

Google Maps is ruining your neighbourhood

I am so f*cking angry

What fresh hell is this?

Startling Tech

Britain's system is working (is it really?)

Foley Sound Effects

Persistent Lock Screen Ads (on Android of course)

Dismantling the Windows advantage

What happens to your brain when you don't get enough sleep?

The RM UP-01 Ferrari

The most British of things

Apple Wallet is the stickiest of sticky things

Rudderless HTC

2 years ago, Boris Johnson gave this speech…

“Atari Was Very, Very Hard”

A collaborative ASCII art project

No parent should have to experience this...

'The' custom BMW R18

The iPhone Generation

An iPhone / Apple Watch / AirPods charging stand that is cheaper than one MagSafe charger

When design fails

One feature of iOS 16 changes everything

McGST Podcast Episode 94 (trade unions, bye bye Boris, Roe v Wade)

McGST Podcast Episode 94 (trade unions, bye bye Boris, Roe v Wade)

How to do customer service

Hamilton Khaki Field Auto / Garmin Vivosmart 5 / iOS 16

What has the ECHR ever done for us?

From Misery to Meaning

Code41 Mecascape

Custom Styles

Custom Styles

Custom Styles


What is the purpose of this government?

Lexus Design Awards

How old is your dog in human years?

The history of Pebble

Time to cancel Netflix?

Tissot Seastar 2000 review. The big, bold, beautiful beast

McGST Podcast Episode 93 (non-Apple/Amazon support, what's next and should life be hard?)

Free trials can end up being anything but

18 mixed up characters for maximum security

McGST Podcast Episode 93 (non-Apple/Amazon support, what’s next and should life be hard?)

Turning away children

CODA review

Forcing Apple to change

The Dyson Zone™?

McGST Podcast Episode 92 (we make them more human than they are)

McGST Podcast Episode 92 (we make them more human than they are)

Thank you for being a friend

Strict new laws to stop phone use while driving

How are they still in power?


Taylor Hawkins dies aged 50

Swatch X Omega (confusing all round)

A broken iPhone X. Can't work it out...

A talking piano

The Tissot PRX Chronograph (watch of the year 2022)

An Air Purifier concept

McGST Podcast Episode 91 (living in bubbles, taking in refugees, Apple, dogs and YouTube)

McGST Podcast Episode 91 (living in bubbles, taking in refugees, Apple, dogs and YouTube)

The Shape Of Walking

Why Japan returns almost everything

I Am... With Jonny Wilkinson

The YEMA LED reinvented by KAVINSKY

She died

No one actually thinks the stuff is going to cost more to produce...

30 years of PDA and smartphone OS...

Taking more than 8,000 steps has no added benefits (possibly)

AirPods vs the world


Living in a Simulation

Garmin Epix (gen 2) and a bunch of phantom steps

FloxJam is here

Lose the stand ring...

Space 2081

Don't forget Covid

Apple (March 2021)

Scan your body... soon

Selfie: How the West Became Self-Obsessed

The Movano Ring

The Garmin epix (gen 2) is the fenix from the flames

He Shrinks Things

Unnecessary Smartwatch Alerts

OpoLua: the return of Psion!


The Lorier HYDRA Series II

Detection of Covid 19 using a wearable device

The Art of LUCA

1.7m Fitbit Ionics recalled (don't wear them from now)

I need to make the Garmin epix (Gen 2) too big for me

The Voyagers

Build your own Peloton

? ?

The Epic Garmin Epix

The BMW Motorsport-branded Iqoo 9 Pro

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 review

Putin's demise

Video of people trying to avoid drowning will now not be sold for profit

Random Reddit being re-written

The HUAWEI MatePad Paper

Where is the personality in tech?

Samsung Galaxy (Note 22?) S22 Ultra 5G First Thoughts

Long term Covid effects


Apple Chips Are Way Ahead. Is That A Good Thing?

Working for a fake design agency

The Girard-Perregaux CASQUETTE 2.0



The Nostalgic Macintosh

Train passengers summing up UK life perfectly...

The world's most popular watch brand is...

Fun Nintendo Facts, by Infographic

McGST Podcast Episode 90 (why do so many of us want to change our lives?)

There are six types of worker. Which one are you?

The lies, falsehoods and misrepresentations of Boris Johnson and his government

The Mai Alarm Clock

McGST Podcast Episode 90 (why do so many of us want to change our lives?)

A story about a dog who is better than a human

Long Live the Photographer

DSLR Your iPhone

Glyph: unlocking the underlying logic of the world’s writing systems

45 Presidents and their Watches

What are NFTs? They are nothing

The Two Sides of IKEA

Quitting Wordle

The Seiko 5 Sports x Brian May (again)

Gentler Streak: lose the Apple Watch rings!

Never Listen To The Critics

This was the 'Car Of The Future' 74 years ago

We live on the small white dot to the left of centre

Glass for iPad

They know Brexit is unravelling

Make Your Own Pocket Computer

Smartwatch health tracking will be more important than fitness

At-home COVID testing must be better than lateral flows

The iPhone killed chewing gum, and so much more...

The technological, ecological and political critique of blockchainism

Why Do We Fall In Love?

Apple's Hybrid Gaming Console

The Leica L1 & Leica L2 watches (not cameras)

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical (42mm) watch review

First Photos of Venus’ Surface

Custom Styles

‘Miracle’ Fog

ZYLCH, a zero-waste cup

Sleeping With a Fan On?

The iPhone has the photographic capability, just need the talent

Only 8 to 10% of people have blue eyes, and they are not really blue

(Almost) Anti-Smartwatch

She Tracked Her Husband’s Every Move

Crazy Concept Cars

On Not Being the Free Alternative

The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4

Ditching their smartphones

What's the best WordPress alternative?

Tory bots, empty words and lies lies lies

Keep Forgetting Things? That could be an advantage

Automatically apply for new jobs daily

Girls will be girls, Boys can be anything they want to be

McGST Podcast Episode 89 (I think I know why Johnson is still PM, Jimmy Carr's moment and I'm running out of space)

Mastering The Masters in Miniature

McGST Podcast Episode 89 (I think I know why Johnson is still PM, Jimmy Carr’s moment and I’m running out of space)

400GB for $40

Explaining Boris Johnson to an American audience

McGST Podcast Episode 88 (the Withings Scanwatch)

McGST Podcast Episode 88 (the Withings Scanwatch)

Norway bans the breeding of Cavalier King Charles spaniels

Why do we love word puzzles and games?

Apple will charge 27% commission... just for the sake of greed

I can’t think of one Brexit promise that has been kept

Is the Withings ScanWatch the best definition of a hybrid watch to date?

You can stop the New York Times taking Wordle from you

McGST Podcast Episode 87 (Wordle, burning out and the year 2042)

McGST Podcast Episode 87 (Wordle, burning out and the year 2042)

The SMEG Futro e-scooter concept

Is a Mac safer than a Windows laptop?

The 'think of the children' tactic

FaceID with a mask

The Lenco LS-410WA

LEGO cameras

The Nintendo Switch G-Case

Jordan Peterson: 'absurd' and 'dangerous'


Apple Reports First Quarter Results- is this good news?

Robot vacuum cleaner escapes

Spotify to remove Neil Young's music

2 photos of the same tortoise from 1886 and today

Utility Lights: not just a new Apple Watch face


A Vintage LCD Seiko Memo Watch (to buy or not to buy?)

Ed Sheeran (good bloke, very rich)

Where is Peng Shuai?

Last Night In Soho

Heaven Can Wait

What happens now to the clinically vulnerable?

Buy your books from Waterstones, not WH Smith

100 seconds to midnight

Famous for cajoling killers into confessing to their crimes

The BBC cannot see a queue, a very big queue

Marking Apple messages as unread

Drawings of Root Systems

Should Apple buy Peloton?

Man uses 72-year-old toaster every day

The Voyager Tricorder V2

Wardle thinks he know why Wordle has gone viral

'Impossible' mathematics problem cracked

Journaling for 1000 days in a row

The sixth mass extinction may have already started

A surprising tendency among right-wing authoritarians

Citizen’s CZ Smart almost got hybrid right

Garmin Epix (very) In-Depth Review

Trialling facial age estimation tech for buying alcohol

I hate how much they hate you

Outside sponsors = privatisation

The Garmin epix™ (Gen 2)- Apple's battery team need to speak to Garmin

Why is Fitbit charging people to view their own data?

Which Apps Collect the Most Personal Data?

The strange trend of apps leaving the Apple Watch

Omicron is ending the pandemic

When you attack the BBC, the NHS and the Queen you are not patriotic, and you will lose

The medieval habit of 'two sleeps'

The time that I broke Covid rules

You can’t replace the feel of turning a real page

Anne E Currie's "Panopticon" series, books 1 and 2 reviewed

How to avoid a narcissist

iOS Music Player Showcase

Dad of the year builds his son a wooden Rolls Royce

5 reasons to wear a watch

The Fitbit Charge 5 is good, but inconsistent

Testing the Fitbit Charge 5: not the best of starts

When NFT Watches Cost More Than a Rolex

Hiding tech in plain sight

Why is the bar so low for men?

The Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Light Up

The Karen that breeds minion karens

Wordle - The App (please give it 1 star)


T-Mobile begins blocking iCloud Private Relay

Me? Um… Who me?

Cat Furniture

The “Lizard Brain”

Jake’s last Friday on Earth

LEGO animal sculptures

The Inky Dashboard

McGST Podcast Episode 86 (Should we ban private education etc?)

McGST Podcast Episode 86 (Should we ban private education etc?)

Open-source software + 1,440 literary quotes = a clock, and a plot

I didn't think my opinion of Norton could get any lower

Do you use Apple TV+?

Is your fit tech healthy?

The Daily Mail reaches peak gaslight ('The NHS is not in crisis...')

Seiko Presage SRPC99J1 Cocktail Time review

Tobias Zachary Ziegler

The baffling illness affecting young adults in Canada

The Brexit Battalion

There is only hope when you accept there is no end game