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The TP–7

What's Actually Playing In Singers' Earpieces?

Is your smartphone killing your memory?

Apple's worst products

When websites ruin their own experience

HabitKit - when simple visuals work

There is always someone to talk to

The Apple Watch SE is the ultimate microwave oven

Doom on everything

A Cambridge Diary

Circling the drain

The iPhone 15 Pro

Ganance Heir: the most vague tracker ever

Stats not service: ever feel like the world has moved on?

Apple's not-so-FineWoven disaster

Is Amazon's automation ruining customer service?

Serve yourself no more

The Medeor Pulsograph

Has Apple made the best ever Snoopy watch?

Young people turning away from driving

How did we get to the iPhone?

Office People

My Digital Generation

The iCloud conundrum

The Distorted History of the Cassette Tape

I always hated the iPad, now it is indispensable

Finding a future

I think this is it, a 23 year old watch that I always hated

As long as the general population is passive...


Apple's price increases: slick, obvious, and unnecessary

The Apple lock-in is getting expensive

Ren Gill

Helicopters, parents and resilience

"This is the most similar thing to the last thing we have ever released"

Apple doesn't know what a Cockapoo is

The Blancpain X Swatch says a lot about so many things

LULULOOK Apple Watch Titanium Bracelet first thoughts

You can get too used to simplicity

Starfield is like Pong all over again

Your child might die, but probably not, hopefully...

Just go

Paper and pen always win

The MP3 player was invented in 1979

How the digital world is failing the non tech-savvy

Don't Worry Darling

The People on Platform 5

Tudor Pelagos LHD review

How many will take their own lives today? And tomorrow? And…

The Apple TV is finally worth buying

"Deeply worried"

Watch rings

The 1995 Apple Watch, from a time when even Apple did not know good design

UK viewing and listening trends



Can you or I really help limit climate change?

The Tudor Black Bay 54

Watercolor sketches and ephemera

The Last Factual Piece Of Information...

A single piece of paper

Apple has nailed the human sense that everything is forever

Boris Johnson ‘has forgotten’ passcode for phone wanted by Covid inquiry. EASY TO SOLVE!

The Bulova Rat Pack: one huge obvious problem

Sondek LP12-50

From Twitter to Threads. Everything dies

Baltany Retro Panda Chronograph S5034 review

Tesla offers 'The Reacher'.

They always deliver 'Broken Britain'

Has the Apple Watch finally got a decent competitor?

You cannot ignore the Tories

Citizen "TSUYOSA"Automatic Review

Imagine travelling without a phone


Apple Vision Pro is an amazing start, but it's not for us

Apple just announced the future

You cannot wear a decent watch anymore

They haven’t failed, you have…

Why Android Owners Switch to iPhone

The Queen of Rock is gone

The Beosystem 72-23: Nordic Dawn Limited Edition


11,000 new AI jobs (?)

Patented: 1,000 Design Patents

Dyson Zone

I bought some mouthwash

McGST Podcast Episode 98 (unfairness)

The iPhone camera is good, but it’s not consistently brilliant

The last iPhone upgrade we will get will be a better battery

Swearing allegiance to the King

21 years of tech ends with… paper

Digital Minimalism

McGST Podcast Episode 97 (resilience in the UK)

We need to stop measuring the economy based on rich people

Harrowing words from a senior emergency medicine doctor

I stopped tracking my health, and life, and it made no difference